Husqv 55: Bar NOT Lubricating

pgtrJune 20, 2011

When first operating my rubbish saw, as a check I initially point it at something and run it to see a 'pattern' of oil sling off the tip of the bar. What it's doing now is giving off almost no pattern of sling at all. However oil does 'dribble' out the base of the saw when it's running ('course oil frequently dribbles out there :-) ) - so oil is not 'blocked' from exiting the tank. I've cleaned it twice now including the oil port hole and bar and there's no blockage I can see. It's almost as if the oil is existing between the side housing and the bar and simply running down and out the bottom rather than going onto the bar.

Anything else I should check for? Should there be any sort of grommet or fitting or 'seal' at the oil port hole on the side?

On a related side - just what is the principal behind moving the oil onto the chain/bar? Simply gravity? Air pressure? ...And I assume there's a vent hole somewhere too?

FWIW I use nothing special, either Husqv or store brand 'bar & chain' oil is all.


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There is a oil pump under the clutch, some saws use plastic gears which can strip out. Make sure the oil hole in the bar matches up with the saws oiler, could be the wrong bar. Steve

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pgtr: Steve is correct the Rancher 55 Model does have a gear driven oiler some models also had a oil plunger secondary oiler . The vent that you mentioned for this sytems is actually via two small holes that exit from the outer chassis casing under the bar adjuster cover . One hole is the oil exit the other is the atmospheric vent port. The oil exits the bottom hole and drips onto the bar chain groove and is dispersed over the bar . There is also a mechanical flow adjusting screw which controls the volume of oil . I would think that if you remove the bar and chain and carefuly clean away all sawdust from the saw casing and the bar inlet orifice and the bar chain groove you will see much better oiling . You could also turn out the oil adjuster screw a quarter turn . I have always found that using winter grade oil (thinner) that oil sytem clogging is much reduced . Bar Oil is a rather cheap owner expense compared to downtime so using a little more is not a big issue . . Best of luck with your repairs !

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