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nydepot(6)April 26, 2011

I did a search here first and didn't come up with much.

From reading other sites, this seems to be the best purchased composter:

Exaco Trading EARTH Earthmaker 120-Gallon Three Stage Aerobic Composter

I've got one one composter, an old Smith & Hawkins one that was highly rated. It does a good job. I keep things turned.

I'd like to switch to something like the above to get the compost started and mostly broken down. When it's in the lower chamber, move it to the Smith & Hawkin for its final stage and storage.

Any ideas? I'd prefer a purchased one for the space I have rather than building large bins or bins you have to keep moving around to get the good stuff that's at the bottom.



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$200 for a plastic compost bin???!?!?!? 3 stages? Only 120 gallons? No way I'd drop that kinda money. I've been using wire bins and then finishing in the calssic black plastic bins. My wife likes those plastic bins cus they look nice, but I can't get them to heat up so now I only finsh in them.

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Hmm It looks like a fancy garbage can. Could you possibly engineer one yourself for cheaper? I would be hesitant to buy something like that because it is just an overpriced plastic barrel with drawers that does something consumers will pay a premium for.. It would do the job though, however I would be skeptical about its production volume ability.

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Yes, it is expensive and I didn't say I was getting it. I just said it seems to be the top composter in reviews overall. What brand do you use "mean" when you say "classic black plastic bins"?

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If you have the space a simple pile on the ground will do the trick. Cost 0$

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jenn(SoCal 9/19)

We have a tumbler we bought from Gardeners Supply several years ago. I use it from time to time (when I remember, usually I don't), but mostly just use a simple pile on the ground, and turn it with a garden fork.

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I've only seen one unbiased review of competing compost systems, and I wasn't 100% sure of that one.

If anyone has seen a comparison of composting systems they feel is fair, by all means let us know. After spending $65 for a plastic bin, and $350 for a tumbler, I love my DIY mesh bins for twenty bucks. They hold a lot more and are easier to use IMHO.

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Sorry, I can be a little "mean".

My county haz waste office sells black plastic bins for a discounted price. I have no idea what brand it is. I ahve two and they have held up for several years. My wife lieks the way they look, but she doesn't turn or harvest teh compost. The idea is that the black plastic willheat up and help kill weed seeds. The heat shoudl come from wihtin if you ahve a "hot" pile. I have never been able to have a hot pile in a black plastic bin. They are ideal for small to medium compost operations. I still use the two I have. Mostly to "finish" the 'post. I ahve one large wire bin that I use most of the summer. I may have to add another wire bin, but I'm running our of room.

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lisascenic Urban Gardener, Oakland CA

I'm a fan of the classic tried and true pile on the ground.

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I like the movable compost piles, so I use fencing wire.

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I now have two earthmakers - yes I know they are expensive, but I get loads of compost from it every two weeks - that's all it takes to compost all the leaves etc I put in it - my secret is to keep loads of composting worms in it. As you shift stuff from one compartment down to the other, the worms move upwards so the earth you finally remove at the bottom contains very few worms. The fact that I have two goes to show how good they are. I tried to build one myself out of pallets but the result, although much bigger in size, after three months has little to show and is ugly to look at. I would encourage anyone short on time for compost turning etc to get one of these - just remember to buy a load of composting worms too.

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A Search in this forum found 4 threads with Earthmaker.

Suggest you look at them if you have not already done so.

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You'll note my original question was asked back in April '11. I've since seen the other threads. Thanks.

And a thanks to genevievelisa for your helpful info.

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