new chain saw stalling

Tex.HJune 13, 2014

i bought a chain saw last season and havent used it at all til now.
It was very difficult to start and once started runs for a short time and stalls. To me it sounds like it gets too much fuel, but each time in order to restart i need to full choke then half choke it.
also the chain stops moving as it starts to stall ..any thoughts ?

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1. What brand and model not to use until now? Was it started when you purchased?
2. Was the saw stored with untreated gas in it until now? Return it if needed and Warranty allows.
3. Is this a fresh tank of gas? If so you might try 2 oz of carb cleaner in the gas.
4. If untreated gas was left in the sys it might be plugged and gas with cleaner might move the varnish.
5. The clutch is to engages and moves the chain at higher RPMs than idle for safety.

Good Luck!

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