My in-line spark tester did a good job this morning.

loger_gwJune 15, 2013

1. My in-line spark tester did a good job this morning. It showed spark that I could not see on three plugs. To prove it, I primed the engine and it fired.

2. While cleaning and investigating no fire on an Echo HCA 2400 I found other conflicts:

A. The kill switch was going to ground in the off or
on position (for now I disconnected it).

B. CarbâÂÂs side w/n serve as a engine ground due to
the fiber insulator, gasket even w metal screws.

C. âÂÂNothing Is FreeâÂÂ, this had to be the most neglect
I have seen. It had to have been on dirt 3 yrs.

3. The fire on the prime and spotless cyl proved it should be worth the work itâÂÂs requiring (maybe 90âÂÂs model).

4. IâÂÂll hope to have the backup trimmer on line in 2-3 wks after a break and fishing before the heat.

Good Luck With Your Projects/Experiments!

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I've had one of them in my garage for years and have yet used it. Hopefully I won't have to.

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That's a "wonderful thing" and when you need it, you need it! Anybody remember timing lights? I had one that I used to check for spark on small engines. Always have a battery around or on something to power it. However, it "evaporated" one weekend....:-( Only case of theft I've ever had. Would like to find another one sometime.

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exmar and Others, Please describe your connection points, ground, plug in cyl and circuit or not or show a simple diagram of checking fire with old inductive timing lights. I tried my 1970s 110v inductive timing light and could not see any indications of spark.

1. I tried a number of configurations but no luck.

2. I tried with the plug out for ease but possibly lost ground.

3. Plus, after running/working trimmers, I could have just been tired.

4. Have you experienced differences in the Echo tapered end idle screw, with very fine threads that appear the same but are not?

The TX heat will send me inside to my list of Computer Projects/Updates after this week (after the 6:30 2 mi energy walk). IâÂÂll hope to go with a Bang, Fishing First Light in the morning until this heat passes. The Bottom Line Is, We Have To Keep Moving If Our Bodies Are Use To Exercise Etc!!

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