Old Craftsman chainsaw...full compression on each stroke

baymee(LehighValleyPA)June 6, 2013

Have an old chainsaw, probably from the '70s or older. This thing has full compression on each stroke and I can't even pull it fast enough to start.

I don't see any compression release and pulls easily with the plug out.

Anybody remember any saws like this 40 years ago. I don't.

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A 2 stroke will have compression on every stroke.
IF it's excessive, it might need decarbonizing.

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I have three of the little Poulan S-25 from the late70s, early 80s that were sold as Craftsman saws also. They have been âÂÂTuffâ and hard pulling to start. Without primer bulbs, I always expected them to start 4-5 pulls. Over the years 4-5 hard pulls got to be excessive and a manual prime might get you going with 2 hard pulls.

Actually with the small saws they were whips vs pulls to start them. I push the saws right with my right arm and pull the string left with my left arm getting good equal help from both arms.

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It's hard to describe how hard it is to pull the rope. One pull might go 6 strokes and each stroke completely stops the rope movement.

A friend asked me to look at it and I'll take another look at it with the head off. Trying not to waste time.

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I've NEVER owned any gas operated hand held equipment, so take this for what it's worth-
If you consider a recoil start, your "effective" pulley diameter decreases the more the rope is pulled out, since it lays on itself when wound up.

Can you pull the "slack" out of the engine so that it's starting the compression stroke, let the recoil "rewind the ratchet", and then pull.
Maybe that tiny bit more "leverage" will help??

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Check for a clogged muffler...

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I have this hard to pull starter rope on my Husqvarna 350. Had it serviced a while back and the guy said I wasn't using enough oil? So I measured carefully but guess that wasn't enough? What's the best was to get a good mixture? And now it won't start because it's too hard and jerky to pull? Spark plug out then I can pull the rope easily? Compression or mechanical problem. I can see the piston go up and down through the muffler hole ? What shoul I be looking for? Thanks much, I need a chain saw and mine is not very old?

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Some individuals and some saws can be started on the ground using your foot to hold the Monster down while you pull. IâÂÂm not that gifted except with larger compression release saws.

A manual prime might give you a faster start. Have you checked the compression with a gauge to see if itâÂÂs excessive? IMO 2-Cycles Etc takes a good Pull or Whip which has sent me to my electric 12â saw at home. The pull is challenging but if the Saw/Etc is tuned it should Fire Up.

If the saw is old enough to have points causing bad timing, I can see a kickback/snatch. Otherwise, I personally have not seen enough carbon build-up in a cyl to affect the compression. If there is a build-up you possibly can see some of it on the top of the piston through the mufflerâÂÂs exhaust port.

Did it start easier and run after the tech serviced it with a better mix?

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txtom50(8a texas)

Sounds like you're not using the decompression valve. As far as fuel/oil mix, it just takes a regular 50:1 mix. Just buy the appropriate size oil for whatever size fuel container you're using - 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, etc.

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You probably have an old Roper model. Yes, excessive carbon will kick up your compression ratio enough to cause this, as well as a bad oiler, if it has an auto oiler. Look on the bottom of the saw for a sticker for a model number.


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We have a local mower shop, that sells much more than just mowers. Chain saws, parts, advice, and is operated by a lady name of Sandy.
Sandy is a really nice girl, and smart as a whip about everything! And, TOUGH!
So, one day a fellow bought a new chain saw from her store. And, i happened to be there, several days later, when that guy brought the new saw back, complaining that it wouldn't start!
So, Sandy took the saw out onto the porch, primed it, and gave the saw 3-4 hard pulls, and it fired right up! She handed it back to the owner, and he sheepishly slithered back out to his truck, and left! MMMMM! RJ
PS: And she didn't have to set it on the floor, with her foot in the handle!

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