John Deere 325 oil leak

buckthorn(4)April 20, 2009

I've got a ten-year-old 325 with about 600 hours on it. It's been pretty well maintained and runs well.... except that I just discovered that oil is oozing from a spot a few inches behind the oil filter (towards the driver, left side of the engine compartment. I'm not a mechanic, and don't know the name of this particular part. The oil is coming from just above a metal part that looks like it can be tightened with a wrench. I've done this, but it hasn't helped. Just above the leaky spot (at the top of this assembly) is where an electrical wire is attached. Can anyone tell from this description what the source of the leak is (a gasket?), and how difficult/expensive the repair might be?

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Well, so far your description would suffice only for another owner of a 10 year old JD 325. For the rest of us, it will help if you post the engine numbers from the engine per se, and the brand of engine. Once these engine numbers are available, it will be possible to look for a parts illustration online and from there, identify the leaking component and so forth.

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I make a guess????? Sounds like the oil switch? If it a round looking thing with one wire connected could be the oil pressure switch. these can develop leaks do to the two halfs being assembled or the plastic part cracks (could be as simple as rethreading the threads with teflon tape?). It basic is a pipe threaded part meaning the treads are tapered. so the tighter you tighen it the more pressure it puts on the part being threaded into (too tight and it will crack or damage threads). Usually teflon tape are wrapped around the threads of this part to help revent oil leak.

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Hard to say. If it's the early 325 with the single-cylinder engine, some would leak at the oil pan gasket. That normally happens behind the starter. If so, it's a easy repair for the dealer and involves replacing the gasket. Probably $200.00.

If it's just a leak at the oil pressure sensor as has been suggested, that would be very simple.

Got a photo?

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I hope the person with the JD325 engine oil leak comes back with more information. I also have a 325 with the 18hp twin engine. I have had it for close to 10 years without a problem. I have not seen many posts about the JD325 tractors. This may be good because they are not having a problem, or bad because they all fell apart and are no longer being used. I hope it is because most of them out there have been reliable tractors, like mine. Charles Ranheim

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Is there any new information about this oil leak problem?
Charles Ranheim

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In general, some of the last (late 1990's) Kawsaki single cylinder engines had oil leaks behind the starter. An improved oil pan gasket solved the problem. The later 325's moved to twin cylinder engines (I think) that had no oil leak problems I've heard of.

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engine tech,
Thanks for your comments. My JD325 has the 18HP twin Air Cooled engine that runs great and has never used or leaked any oil. I switched to Mobil 1 10W-30 after a 50 hour breakin. I put 35 to 50 hours/year on it. I change the oil and filter once, at the end of each season. I also make sure the air filter is clean several times a year.
I very seldom hear anything about the 325 tractor. I don't know if it is because there were not many sold, or if they just have been trouble free. (Or they all died). The only thing I worry about is the fact the K70 transmission is no longer made, and could present a problem if it ever failed. It is my understanding the K71 later version cannot replace the K70.
Hopefully, my K70 will last for many years. Charles Ranheim

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Jeez, folks, my apologies for not getting back to you. I thought I would be getting automatic emails for any replies to my post. Having seen none, I never checked back until now. This is a 17hp Kawasaki engine -- this tractor has been a solid workhorse, requiring few repairs beyond routine maintenance. The repair shop is has completed the work; over the phone, they said that they replaced the oil pressure sensor. I'll have to ask them for more details when I go in. The total bill came to about $250, but that also includes some other work plus pickup/delivery. I'll report back what I find out.

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Hello, I have a similar problem with a FC540v Kawasaki engine on a 1995 GT262. Just this season I have noticed that oil is leaking out of the filter housing just behind the filter. I changed the oil and the filter and ensured no gasket was left behind, of course, but the leak came back as soon as the engine heated up. I could not find a crack and the housing did not appear to be warped.

To make matters worse there seems to be many out here on the web experiencing similar issues with this age and related series of Kaw engines. Some have replaced the bolt-on housing with NO improvement suggesting a backpressure issue. Others say that its a lower crankcase gasket.

Anyone know what gives?

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I Just replaced one of these on an FC500V on a commercial walk behind. Kawasaki is one of the few left who still uses a sump gasket since end play clearances are critical where the other two popular makes use rtv.

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