Need plant ideas Part 2

gigim(8A SC)May 30, 2013

Here is the other end of the bed, same plants with the addition of the Tamukeyama jap maple.

Thank for any suggestions!

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dominoswrath(5 WI)

Japanese maples are beautiful, but drowns out against the red brick. I'd have planted something that would contrast better. Hakuro Nishiki willow or Cornus Kousa Wolf Eyes, for example.

I'd add more plants with white variegation, white flowers or silverly leaves for more of an impact. I think Lamium Silver Beacon would look stunning under the maple as a groundcover.

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gigim(8A SC)

Unfortunalty this bed is in full sun all day and I wanted a tree that would not get so tall as to hide the view from the porch. This house is up on a hill and has a lovely view. The maple will be moved further away from the house in the fall and the bed will have to be increased some to accomidate it. I will keep your suggestions for more contrast with white variegation, flowers and silver leaves, I like that idea. I am learning that gardening is about patience and planning (not 2 of my best qualities) and I am finding I am moving things alot. I really appreciate everyones helpful suggestions!

Here is a link that might be useful: other view

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dominoswrath(5 WI)

Don't feel bad about changing things. I think landscaping and gardening is a progressive thing. I re-did what the previous owners had, and then I re-did what I did initially because I had no clue back then. But I think that comes with homeownership, your gardening skills will evolve! And your house is absolutely gorgeous, I can't imagine the views.

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Japanese maples are beautiful, but drowns out against the red brick.

I'll second that and suggest you have a look at shrubs rather than a tree for your corner if you want to preserve the view from the porch. Check out weigela--you may find one that grows to your height/width/color requirements. Another suggestion is American beauty bush--my neighbor has a mature plant that is bushy but not overly tall.

I think landscaping and gardening is a progressive thing.

Ditto that. It has taken me so many years to finally get the look that pleases my eye, I'm too embarrassed to tell you how many years that has been but won't hesitate to affirm I actually have reached that goal. When I view my garden now, either out the window or from the street, I smile, so for me that says mission accomplished. Will I continue to make adjustments? No question--it's a garden not a building. Some things may disappear for no known reason leaving a gap that needs filling.

Good luck...and enjoy!

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You have a lot of brick and plenty of height. Expand the beds and plant some tall shrubs at the back. Most of them won't get big enough to block your view. Some paniculata hydrangeas would probably look good in that corner.

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I agree some white, silver or variegated foliage would be good to add. When you move the Japanese maple further out you might look at taller things to put behind it that will help it stand out. There might be some narrow evergreens in your area that would work. As far as perennials, there are taller grasses that are narrow.

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lola-lemon(5b East WA)

How bout a dwarf weeping cherry tree in the place of the maple. For full sun I would recommend lavender. I prefer the angustifolias (hidcote, munstead) to the intermedias because they seem to last longer and not die out in the middle so fast (turn into ugly donuts). They can be found fairly economically.
There is a nice variegated Iris which looks great out of bloom, and it's blooms are sweetly fragrant (can smell from some feet away)
maybe some october daphne sedum for the front and late bloom. The foliage is great even out of bloom.

there's also Salvia, and agastache, Caradonna Salvia makes a nice showy clump with it's wine colored stems.

I also recommend grass. Blue Oat Grass or Elijah blue Sedge.

I highly recommend doing a google search for landscape design /perennial beds photos and see if there are any designs that catch your eye and copy them. Sometimes it's easier than reinventing the wheel for yourself.

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