Gas trimmer for once per month use

texas_er_np(USDA 9)June 3, 2010

I am looking for a string trimmer to use at a vacation home. I would like to have a gas powered trimmer but am concerned about the gasoline gumming up the carb during periods of non-use. I frequent the home the last week of each month so the trimmer will sit for three consecutive weeks in between use.

Will this period of non use create a problem with the unit starting or is there something that I can do to prevent a problem such as following some sort of winterizing procedure after each use?

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If you know how to take care of it, all brand is just as good for that. It is stale gas that gum up the carb. One you can use Stabil ( blue color not the red ) and put 1oz ( double dosage) to keep the gas good for at least 4 to 6 months. When 4 months is up, dump the remaining gas into your car and put in new ones. You should not have too much problem. Some of my stuff like my Mantis is being use ones every other month. I sometimes actually empty the tank, prime the bulb empty, re-empty the tank. Then close the choke, hold the throttle wide open and start it to run it dry. That way I store the equipment for months without having problem.

There is not brand that is better or worst. I have been doing this for like two years and all my stuff works. I am a gear head, I have multiple equipments of the same kind so I really don't use each piece that often. So I have been doing this and it is all good.

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