Need disc harrow to work better

skeeter_ca(9b CA)April 16, 2012

Yesterday i hooked up my 8 blade disc harrow to my craftsman tractor to work on a small piece of land in my back yard for the first time. My ground was still damp from rain the previous day and it has some ground cover on it that had been mowed down a week ago. With the disc harrow by itself it wouldn't even hardly mark the ground. I then put on two buckets of 60lb weights on it and it started to dig in. The problem is it would only cut with the two inner disc's. Is there something wrong here? I have heard there is a mod to do to it to get it to cut better but they were very vague as to how to do it. Any ideas?


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can't speak directly to yer particular disk harrow and property.. but - being an old farmboy, learned early on that land hadta be plowed first before disking same would work. Only exception to that I ever experienced was working land in S.C. that was very sandy & loose.

Even when damp, yer undisturbed ground may be too hard for the disc to work properly. Mebbe you can get it plowed or rent a heavy duty tiller to break it up?

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lukeott(7 south jersey)

Yep, you have to plow first. Disc are not made to do that. With that said, doesn't mean that people don't do it.


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Get one of these

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As another old farm boy, a disc harrow by itself on unplowed ground will do nothing but frustrate you. If you have the harrow, now by the plow and you'll be good to go.

In my situation, even though we still have Ag tractors, plows, harrows, etc. for anything in the garden or house I use a rear tine tiller. 'course I have issues with turning the big stuff in order to work up a 70X70 garden. Not worth the aggravation.

You might want to consider selling the harrow and getting a tiller, even an inexpensive front tine will work OK if you make a few passes with the drag stake set progressively deeper.

Good luck,


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skeeter_ca(9b CA)

Hmm..... it seems the two center disc's chew up the dirt just fine but the other 6 don't even barely touch the ground. Does the harrow need to be at a certain angle to work correctly. It does seem to point at a downward angle on the front alittle. I disc'ed the entire area but it made very skinny passes so it took probably 4 times longer. If the angle of the attachment is causing the problem what kind of mod could i do to solve that?


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