Stihl 028 Woodboss AV

jkropetzJune 7, 2010

Hello! I acquired a Stihl 028 Woodboss from my grandfather 2 years ago. He bought it brand new in the Mid 80's and only used it a handful of times. The other week I was tryin to get the ol girl started and to my demise it wont fire over. I recently filled the tank with Seafoam hoping that might cure it...but it hasnt

I have detuned and retuned the carbureator to "factory tune" dumped the old mix and threw some new in, drained the bar oil, and gave it some new oil. I am still having the problem where it wants to fire over in the choke setting then I move it to start and it will sputter and pop but wont turn over.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to try and get the saw running again?? Any and All suggestions are welcome!

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canguy(British Columbia)

The carburetor needs to be disassembled, completely cleaned and re assembled using a new kit. Replace the fuel line and in tank filter while you are at it.

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Canguy, Thank you for your post, I will definatly try that and see where it gets me, i dont know why I overlooked the fuel filter, that would be a good place to start hey? Ill keep you posted in the next few days after I dig into it

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I recently got an 041 FarmBoss running that had been sitting for 10 yrs. I managed to get it running on new fuel with a few ounces of Chem Tool B12 carb cleaner added to it.

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Well I tried rebuilding the carb, new needles/jets, diaphram, sparkplug, airfilter and in tank filter. Runs like a champ in the choke position then when i move it to run she kills out, I adjusted the High/Low setting on the carb and nothing... I dont know what else to trouble shoot..

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sounds like a vacuum leak.

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Try opening both the high and low 1/2 turn, if that helps tune from there, if that doesn't change anything your carb is still clogged. They can be a bear to get clean once clogged. Steve

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I agree with ladylake.....if it runs with the choke on, but not with the choke off, you have a clogged jet in the carb....still.......

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Thanks everyone for the pool of information. Ill have to try tinkering with it again tomorrow, readjust the H/L setting and see where I can go from there, as far as vacuum leak, the rubber/neoprene hose(fitting) doesnt look too bad, no deteriation on it and still a very snug fit.

Thanks again!

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I doubt you have vacuum issues , if the saw is not back firing or missing . Most likely the primary circuit is partially plugged as suggested. Carb may require dismanting and soaking carb within carb cleaner . You may wish to 1st remove and spray carb cleaner through the jets and clean further with compressed air . Reinstall jets with fresh gas and oil and re-tune saw and try again ! Good luck !

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Sounds like a complete carb rebuild is needed. In the kit there may be extra pieces that won't fit your carb because some kits cover dozens of makes or models. Most importantly notice the 1 (or 2) small aluminum plugs in the kit with screens to match size of each plug. pierce and remove each in carb body with ice pick or awl. DO NOT SCRATCH BORE. You can now remove small screens in bottom of bore. clean w/ air. Upgrade points to solid state MS290

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