Ryobi C430 string trimmer

19jerry44June 26, 2012

I've got two of these pieces of junk only because I have the Extend-it attachments. Both have throttle problems due to a very poor design. I didn't have time to fix the first one so rushed out and bought another. After a short time the second one developed the same throttle malfunction. No more Ryobi products for me!!

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What seems to be the problem with the Ryobi C430 string trimmer�s throttle? I have not seen much quality in the low end cost trimmers (Toys) vs semi or commercial grades. I have been sold on the 200.00+ Echos that are not split shaft, straight and 2-cycle vs 4.

Working with mechanical tools/machines and investing in them, I have not found many multi-purpose tools/machines that would do all the jobs well. I basically stay away from tools and machinery that I have not seen and proven to work (a few years). Great Ideas But Toys IMO! This causes me to have more tools but satisfaction with them.

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Could be the Ethanol in the gas you are using!
It's causing problems with all these small engines.
Do a Goolge search for Ethanol and small engines.

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I took Throttle Problems to be a mechanical issue due to "poor design". I agree with, "Could be the Ethanol" if it is not weekly used equipment with Stabil treated fuel or Etc. We need to hear the problem from Jerry.

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It's a poor setting in order to meet epa standards. One just needs to cut slots in the mixture screw heads so you can adjust them with a screw driver (or buy the super-secret pacman driver), just like the carbs in classic cars. And absolutely don't use Ethanol.

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