Anti sway rod on Husky mower fell off, how important?

wertach zone 7-B SCApril 19, 2012

Less than 25 hours on 48" cut Husky mower from Lowes. But 1 year and 2 weeks old, so I think it's out of warranty. I haven't checked yet, it only happened a hour ago.

I noticed something making a mark on the ground when backing up. The anti sway rod for the deck had came off and is bent beyond repair. I took it off and finished cutting a section of the grass, it cut fine.

Before I check in to warranty issues, complain about improper assembly, and possibly order a most likely expensive part that will leave me without a mower for weeks.....

Will it cause any damage without it? My grass needs cutting!

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IMO Probably not under warrantee, but maybe you will get lucky. You might want to read up on the owners manual. I think there is fine print claus in your owners manual that probably states some clutter like this: "prior to use inspection" for loose, missing, cracked hardware and check all fluid levels before use??. The catch all if something vibrates loose, left loose when assembled, or the engine or related moving parts seize up from no lubrication.

Owners usually has the responsibility for securing loose hardware to prevent the mower from falling apart. There probably going to say didn't you look over before use and after all it's been year!! you know this is not JD quality (just joking)(OK not funny)(sorry for the lame humor)

I don't know how bent up it is. but I would try to bend it back using vise and dead blow BFH. May be suprised it may cold form back to it's orginial shape especially if it not hollow???.

IMO I can't answer the question to use it or not without the part without seeing it either way it going to be your call on that one. Sorry not much help, maybe some else hasbetter idea with this happens. Never worked for me

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You didn't specify WHICH machine, so I have no idea what the part# is, but once you determine that-
AYP part#

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Really, it's a cheap enough part and you should have it.In the long run it may cause further wear in the lift links.

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Thanks, sorry to be so long getting back. They ordered me a new rod. Only charged me $10.

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