Ryobi 790R

moondawg7June 17, 2011

I am having trouble with my weed eater. It runs fine on full and half choke, but once you take the choke off or put your hand over the whole it shuts off. Replace all the fuel lines, primer bulb, even took the carb off and took it apart, and didn't really see no clogs or anything. Any help with this would be great. Thank you.

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Usually anytime the have to run it on choke you got lean mixture IMO. this can be caused by dirt or gummed up carb. passages, vacuum leak, or mixture screws may have vibrated some.

Does if have Hi and Lo carb. adjustments??? If you was confident in you carb. cleaning and sure it's not sucking air or still plugged up then I would try to adjust the hi screw, but first noting where I started so I can turn it back if the adjustment out 1/8 to 1/4 turn don't help???

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MD: AS RC has indicated these units were at best rather tempermental , the walbro carbs although sound in desugn were not forgiving to neglect . You have not indicated if you have checked or inspected the fuel filter . Other than what you have done adding fuel cleaner to the fresh fuel (2 ounces) and following what RC has advised as to jet adjustments , you should see some improvements within a few mintues running .

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