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robertz6June 27, 2013

I have had my share of problems starting my gas equipment, and sometimes read some of the posts on this forum. Today I walked over to my local BP station for some gas. I asked the cashiers (service station converted to a retail store) about the gas. Since there was no info on the pumps themselves that I saw, I asked what the ratio of gas to alchol, 90/10 or whatever.

Both the cashiers were perplexed at this question, and one suggested that I just 'google it'. I guess they had no info booklet that answers might be looked up in.

So I just now did try to google it. The first page of web sites did not provide the answer, although I did note there is a site, with zero sites listed for my large metro area.

I did notice that the formerly recovery-type delivery nozzles were replaced by the old-fashioned type nozzles on this visit.

BP, try harder. Just this week I read an article in the newspaper about 85% gas causing worries on some types of gaskets.

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I guess the big companies don't want you knowing the answer to that question.

Where I live there is quite a lot of ethanol in the fuel and this wreaks havoc on fuel injectors.The water binds to the ethanol and causes the hoses to break down clogging up the one micron sized fuel injectors.

One time we put the fuel into a clear bottle to get a better idea of exactly what we were putting into the engine of our boat. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be crystal clear but I wasn't prepared for just how much dirt and water was floating around inside......... it was a Shell garage by the way.

Ultimately the boat wasn't able to operate in the area I live as non ethanol fuel is not available.

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txtom50(8a texas)

Some states require the pump to have a sticker about percent ethanol content. Some states don't require the sticker. Here's a link that shows it state by state:

Here is a link that might be useful: Ethanol Laws - State by State Guide

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Wow, thanks, the situation is worse than I had imagined.

My state (MO) is one of those not required to say how much ethanol or other gunk is in the gas you may or may not wish to buy. The web site referenced above divides states into-- not required to state %, MAY be required to state %, and those required to state the % if above a certain amount (usually 1-2.5%).

Things just keeping declining. I went over get a haircut at my Great Clips, and when I declined to provide a name and number for their database, I had to leave. Back to the barber shop for me.

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Fortunately no ethanol additive here in the Great White North ...Yet ! However cross the Border in Northern Michigan 10% is NORMAL . Reports have it that 15% ethanol is on the way in the near future. Keep a bottle of ethanol fuel treatment conveniently available folks :)

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