Stihl FS-75 problem

Tag1260June 2, 2013

I have a Stihl FS-75 line trimmer and it runs great at high speed and starts pretty easy. The problem is that it won't idle down. I can't get it to idle low enough to get the head to quit spinning at a fairly high speed. There are no high and low needles to adjust on the carburetor. Any ideas?

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There should be a screw related to the linkage vs carb if you look close. I feel something is miss aligned (if you look close) if this has not always been a problem.

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Thanks for the reply. I guess after reading I wasn't entirely clear. I know the screw you are talking about. I can adjust that lower, but the engine stops running when I get too low, before I can get it idling at a low RPM. There's another screw that looks like some sort of needle adjustment but it's square on the end. It also doesn't do anything until it's completely removed.

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Has this always been a problem vs just starting? Some new carbs have no adjustments and some have limits. I have remed plastics limits and sollve problems.

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Started last fall but put it off until now.

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frontiercc(MD Zone 6)

How old is the trimmer? My Stihl needs a carb rebuild every 3 years or so. The new gas kills the flexible parts in the carbs.

A carb rebuild kit is only a few bucks at the Stihl dealer and it is a fairly simple process with hand tools and Utube vids. If your trimmer is more than 3 years old, it might be just as effective to pull the carb and rebuild it completely.

Get a new filter/ clunker for the tank while you're at it so it can draw plenty of clean fuel.

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Have you used Stabil or any additives for the corn gas per tank used (if you use corn gas)? I have treated 2 gals per purchase since the start of corn gas and have not seen one related problem yet.

A good inspection for deteriorations (fuel lines, diaphragms) and cleaning (screens, etc) would be a good idea with these symptoms (as mentioned).

Are RPM issues usually a sucking air matter or what?

Good Luck!

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