Anyone know how to get air to stay in this tire?

pdog(NJ)June 28, 2009

I have a utility cart from Craftsman that I pull with my lawn tractor. I have not used it in a couple of years, and both tires are flat (no tubes). Anyone know how to get air to stay in these kind of tires? My wheel barrow has the same type of tire, but the tire itself is pushed out against the rim. The tires on the cart are pushing inward away from the rim; thus not being able to hold any air. I suppose I need to get the tire pushed out against the rim somehow.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Nevermind, I saw someone mention to use a bungy cord or ratchet tie down strap around the center of the tire to get the bottom part to push out towards the wheel. I will try that.

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you would be better off just putting a tube in it. especially if the inner rims was exposed, IMO they will just leak again in not fromt he rims from the dry rot. I get the tubes with the tire seal in them and never have to worry about them going flat again.

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I have a wheelbarrow, hand truck and portable generator. Have completed adding a tube and Slime to each. I gave up on trying to get them to hold air some time ago.

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May try a tube if needed, but got both tires full of air last Sunday in 5 mins with a ratchet strap and they were still nice and full this afternoon. Don't use it much, so not sure what will happen with constant use.

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pdog, The tires will go flat again. Take the advice above and install tubes.... or you can just plan to do the strap and inflate procedure many more times in the future. All tires leak and over time will go flat. If the tire bead comes loose from the rim you have the problem you encountered making re-inflation a real pain.

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Tire slime or take it to your local rental place and have the tires foamed. For a nominal cost they fill the tire with foamÂ.it rides like an air filled tire and never goes flat. Even if you run over a nail.

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Tube it. I had a continuing nightmare with puncturevine and the 4.10 3.5 tires on my pull sprayer. I bought 4 ply tires and put tubes in it and 2 years ago at that. No flats since. Same for the snowblower.
Those tires and rims are not meant to be tubeless.

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I'm supprised no one suggested the starter fluid method.
You spray a little starter fluid into the tire and light it--POOF and it blows the tire out against the bead and seats it there. Then inflate with air.

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masiman(z7 VA)

I think you need to tie a rope around the tire with the fire method, correct? I don't know and hope I never have to do it.

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Yeah, try that at home--and you'll wake up every old nebby neighbor, who will promptly call the law, telling them the guy next door is setting off fireworks, and you know what that will cost!

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I have seated lots of tires with lighter fluid and similar chemicals. It makes very little noise and works great. No need for a strap or rope around the tire.

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broke_not(3 ND)

I made myself one of these bead seaters years ago with a 5 gallon air tank. Watch the every time. They show it being used with a small air hose attached to the valve stem, but I've never used a hose with mine. Just charge the tank, aim the nozzle into the gap between the tire bead and rim.....and Presto! You're done.

You don't even need to lay the tire down like they show unless it's really being a pain. I've done plenty of them while still on the trailer/lawn tractor/etc.

No straps/starting fluid/rope/whatever required. Ever.

Tubes are nice and all, but once you've seated a stubborn tire this way and you see how quick and easy it won't bother with a tube in many cases.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bead Seater!

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