Husqvarna 350 chain slipping

SubmarineMarkJune 12, 2013

I've got a Husky 350 chainsaw that's about ten years old. It runs great, no issues there. I bought a new bar and chain and it cut like new. I was cutting oak and it worked great. I cut an unknown stump for a neighbor and near the end of the cut it acted like it wasn't getting oil. I returned to the oak I was working on and it cut slower. Now the chain is slipping (like a clutch in a car type of slipping). It's running fine and cuts okay until the least little bit of pressure is applied and then the chain starts slipping until it stops turning all together. Motor is wide open and chain is stuck in the wood. I can adjust the chain like normal and it doesn't make a difference with the symptoms. The chain tensioner is working great and the tension is correct. Clutch?

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What have you inspected and found? Sounds like the clutch has gone bad related to the shoes or sprocket.

Who can share a youtube link on adding a Husky 350 piston kit and any related info? Excuse the post jumping and suggest a new post if needed.

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I would see if the chain needs sharpen first. Dull teeth don't cut tend to stick in the wood or ride on top and top the saw rpms out??

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Check the drive sprocket for excess wear. Also make sure your chain, sprocket and bar are all the same pitch, either .325 or 3/8. They cant be miss matched. Steve

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