Ryobi Attachments with Echo/Stihl

steveg66(IN Zone 5)June 10, 2005

Has anyone been able to use the attachments from Ryobi on their Stihl or Echo powerheads? I have checked with a local store and they weren't sure. I am looking to replace the power and thought it would make sense to try to go heavier duty with the more commercial units. I hate to throw or get rid of the attachments that I have.

Thanks for your help,


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canguy(British Columbia)

Check the tube diameter and design of the shaft vs the coupler. They may interchange but I doubt it

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steveg66(IN Zone 5)

I was thinking they wouldn't also, just thought someone would have tried this already and saved me the embarassment. When I get time, I'll post my results....

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Did anyone ever get the answer to this question? I have a Ryobi 1079r that died (bad carb) this past fall, and I really don't want to toss my investment in attachments. Now, it's my understanding that the following WILL work with the TrimmerPlus attachments:

Ryobi (MTD)
Troy-Bilt (MTD)
Craftsman (??)
Homelite (??)
Poulan Pro (??)

In the end, I just want to be sure I get a good quality powerhead to replace the junk Ryobi, so while an Echo would be REALLY nice, I'd settle for a Poulan, if I knew that it was worth the $$.

Ideas, input, or advice??

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It's been my experience the normal wearout parts for crapsman products you have to buy from sears, it's speced that way to make profits...

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i was recently facing the same problem. powerhead failure. i found an cub cadet trimmer that took all the attachments.
ive heard that efco makes cub cadets 2 cycle motors . if thats the case ,id be very happy ,as the efco stuff has a good record
for me. id be interested in hearing from anyone confirming that efco is producing cub cadet 2 cycle motors.i have an 962 efco saw that is tops in my book.

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Well, I'd certainly get a Cub if that were the case. What model did you get? I also heard that Poulan makes a decent powerhead -- at least better than anything you'd find compared to Ryobi, etc.

However, if you look at http://www.mtdproducts.com, you'll see that MTD owns Cub Cadet.

Would still love to use an Echo or Stihl with these TrimmerPlus attachments...

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I spoke with a neighbor last night who has tried matching the Stihl powerhead with the TrimmerPlus attachments, who verfied that the interfaces are NOT compatible.

At this point, it looks like the best options for a powerhead would be Poulan Pro or Deere, as both are NOT built by MTD.

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Another update:

A Stihl FS 85T recently found it's way to my door and, on a whim, I tried my old Ryobi attachments (blower, trimmer, edger). Much to my surprise, they actually worked. I know, everyone says that they don't, but I'm here to tell you that the units engaged properly in my cursory testing.

Upon closer inspection, both the Stihl and Ryobi/Troy-Bilt/Deere/etc. attachments utilize a square shaft assembly, although the Stihl shaft is longer and incorporates a round "pilot", assumably for easier engagement.

In fact, all 3 of my current attachments actually worked, although I only tested the blower under load. I'm a little skeptical that the shaft is engaged fully, due to some external screws that prevent the Roybi attachments from seating deeply into the power-head.

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My local Lowes had a Cub Cadet on clearance for about $70, down from ~$130 (i think those prices are correct). It was a curved shaft unit though.
I looked at a Cub Cadet at a TSC a few years ago and it looked the same as a Ryobi, just different colors.

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I'm on the same mission as you, Akent, more or less. I want a nice commercial grade 4-cycle powerhead for my Ryobi attachments, one that meets CA emissions. I see at Lowe's the Troy bilt stuff is compatible with many heads that you noted. Does Troy Bilt make a powerhead of commercial quality? Any further testing of the Stihl head with Ryobi attachments?

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deerslayer(Z5 NE IL KBG)

I've noticed that the new Ryobi gas trimmers accept Expand-it attachments and the older Ryobis accept TrimmerPlus attachments. I don't know if the two types are interchangeable.

In addition to Troy-Bilt which is an MTD brand, Homelite powerheads accept Expand-it attachments. Cub Cadet also is built by MTD. I don't know if the Cub trimmers accept attachments.


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deerslayer(Z5 NE IL KBG)

I went to the Homelite site and none of their current trimmers accept attachments. The Lowes salesman said that Homelites accepted Expand-it attachments...maybe I didn't hear him correctly.


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I have some money invested in Ryobi attachments, and didn't want to stay with the Ryobi brand after having three bad Ryobi trimmers. I can tell you that the Ryobi attachments that I own worked fine on the Craftsman trimmer that I bought. In fact, the Ryobi leaf blower was on it when it was stolen out of my truck, a week after I bought it. Just bought a Stihl split-shaft head, and am planning to try the Ryobi trimmer head on it as well.

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I took my ryobi 4 stroke powerhead back in to home depot. It wouldn't keep running at wide open. I had the MTD 4 cycle and attachments that fit the Ryobi, that's why I bought it... but..... I am going to make the Echo head I just bought fit the expand-it line. The inner core is still a square... but the tube diameter is just a little smaller on the echo. So out come the power tools and I'm going to open up the connector a bit to fit the expand-it stuff. I've got the straight weed wacker, chainsaw with extension and tiller. Drop me a line if you've done this or are thinking about it. macearth (at) cox (dot) net

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I have a Stihl split shaft trimmer and 2 dead Ryobi's w/ attachments. Ryobi tube size is the same, just flex shaft reveal is 1/2" short. I didnt care if I wrecked the Ryobi blower so I took the Dremel and trimmed off a 1/2" off the tube, giving it the same length of exposed pring shaft as the Stihl attachments. Might not have a round lead in section but it works fine. Saved me $100, I like the Ryobi blower cause it vacuums too with a bag and Stihls doesnt.
Shortening the edger aint worth the bother. Ryobi edgers are absolute crap once you use the Stihl. Doesnt clog, fasteners dont loosen, cuts easy and twice as easy to use.
After trimming once or twice with the Stihl, the 4 stroke Ryobi should have been shytcanned years earlier, heck never should ahave bought it. World of a difference. Never buy cheap stuff, you pay twice in the long run.

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