Husqvarna Blower-Assisted Collection System

glrinehartApril 27, 2013

I have a Husqvarna Model No. YTH24V48LS lawn tractor with a blower-assisted collection system Model No. 966046001 CE. A belt (Part No. 539 130347) drives the collection system blower. The belt is extremely susceptible to damage when the bags are over-filled, and I have done it, AGAIN. This is my 5th belt in 3 yrs., and frankly I cannot afford another $80 (approx.) that Husqvarna wants to charge. Does anybody know the dimensions of this accessory belt?

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Can you hold it together and measure it? The width would be easy. Go to TSC they have a big selection. I'd go with the green "Kevlar" belt. A lot of Auto places also sell them or there's always online.I like TSC as they're real good about taking a belt back when you discover it needs to be a half inch longer or shorter.

I've seen folks put a string around the pulleys and determine length. You have to be careful though as a lot of belts don't ride "down in the valley" of the pulley. That's where you have to take a piece of the old belt and put it on a pulley and see what the "gap" is down in the valley. Then, wrap tape until the "gap" is filled, then put string around everything. I've never done it, but if you have time, string and cheap masking tape...

You could also try "AYP + part number" on Google and see what pops up, it may give you a cheaper source and the dimensions. You can then buy locally in case the "1/2"" issue occurs.

Good luck,


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I tried 3 different belts from TSC ... none worked. I finally "bit the bullet" and ordered the $80 Husqvarna belt. It was working OK, until I accidently got too close to a rolled-up newspaper, and it got sucked-in. The belt got knocked off the pulleys and was apparently stretched, since it wouldn't stay on after that. It has now been in "the shop" for 3 weeks, causing me to have to borrow my brother-in-law's John Deere mower. Now THAT has a NICE collection system. In my estimation, this Huqvarna Blower-Assisted Collection System borders on ENGINEERING MALPRACTICE.

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4L-880 will fit this cost about $6 - $15 at a hardware store.

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