Sprayers: Solo vs Hudson vs Flo-Master vs ...

jsfox(4a)June 27, 2010

Getting tired of problems with sprayers so I'm planning to begin replacing each of the sprayers we use with good ones that will work well. Based on my experience I think I'd rank the mfr's as:

Hudson (Bugwiser, Industro & Constructo ONLY)

Solo (all seem good)


SP Systems


Flo-Master (never buy again)

Curious about others experiences with these?

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masiman(z7 VA)

I have been pretty happy with my Hudson Sprayers (2 gallon and 5 gallon). I wish they had service parts more readily available. I have not absolutely needed any parts but there are some gaskets I would like to replace.

I have not heard anything bad about Solo although I mainly only see backpack sprayers from them. I assume they make hand sprayers, I just have not seen them. They have been around for quite awhile.

Gilmour makes some awesome garden equipment and they have great warranties. I have had one nozzle replaced at no cost and am about to submit a 15 year old hose for comoplete replacement. No questions asked. I have not looked at their sprayers. If they are the same quality as their other offerings, I would consider them also, maybe even more so because of excellent customer support.

I think SP Systems was higher end stuff? Not sure about them. I think Flo-Master does make some higher end commercial stuff. I'd check out those before what HD offers, which I think is HO level.

I don't know the Yardtender name at all.

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SP SYSTEMS yardtender 2 gallon I have is the best sprayer I have owned. I too have been unhappy with the sprayers you find at home depot. The Yardtender has a great wand, the hose is beefy and resists kinks, and the body/pump is solid. There doesn't appear to be a pressure relief valve but good!...no troublesome leaks. It can hold pressure an awefully long time and has a great wand/brass tip that you can exchange for many conventional spray tips from tee jet et al. I bought it for $80-90 but worth every penny.

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I've had a Solo 2-gallon sprayer for 2-3 years; been great. I ESPECIALLY like that I can air it up with my compressor; after spraying about 1 1/2 gallons, I have to pump it some, or go back to the compressor. Gave about $40 for it at Northern Tool. Parts readily available.

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Javert, which Solo did you fill up with your compressor? How did you do it? Is there a schrader valve on it? PSI?

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