mantis tiller running hot

1234bobJune 4, 2012

I am new to this forum and this is my first post, I have a mantis tiller that is three years old and this year it would not start. I purchased a carb kit and had it installed and when I was able to get it started it really took of and I used it for five minutes and it stopped runing so I carred it back to my shop and I could hear a bubbling noise and it sounded like it was hot and now cannot get it started, I am sure that after it cools down I can get it running again, any idea what is going on? Bob

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Does your tiller use the gasoline/oil mix? Did the guy who fixed it know that? Did you or he, use the gas oil mix?
does it not use the gas/oil mix? From your description of what it did, i think somebody used the wrong type of fuel mix.

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Also, the carb could be set WAY too lean.

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Yes he knows that it uses the gas/oil mix and I added gas mixture to it, I am going to lean it down. Thanks for your info Bob

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Actually, you want to back out the jets a little to richen the mixture,

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Well I turned the jets in to a leaner mixture but cannot git it started, The tiller is like new so I guess the next step is to git a new carb ?

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No , the next step is to ship the Mantis to me . and buy a hoe. Maybe a spade fork too. That was mean. But your Mantis carb is set too LEAN!. Try this. GENTLY screw the jets IN until they stop. Then turn turn them out 1 1 /2 turns using the slot as a reference out

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I agree andy and others you leaned it out more than it already was. IMO it better to run it richer than leaner. WHY? Richer mixture keeps the engine running cool and won't bogg down or stall out. Lean is no good for any gas engine. High preformance engines with or with out forced air induction will burn holes in pistons very quickly when ran lean at wot. Your little two stroke justs gets hot and dies. Top Fuel engines run so rich that raw gas is misting from the exhaust. For those engines lean means BOOM! Even cars with turbo chargers will burn hole in piston if that cylinder leans out when ran at wot long enough. andy advice 1 1/2 turns usually right on but you may have to twik it 1/8 turn one way or the other to find the sweet spot TURN THE hi SCREW counterclock wise to richen the mixture

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Well I am back again, tried backing the screws off abd I got it to idle and rev up but when I took it to the garden it had no power, could the high speed jet be clogged? I neeed the tiller so I spent the 41.00 and bought a new carb, will be here by the 15th, sure hope that solves my problem. thanks for all your help and maybe I need to just invest in a new hoe, hahaha

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I installed the carb and the tiller started on the first pull and took it to the garden and it did a fine job, thanks a lot for all your help, you are the best forum that I have dealth with, Bob

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yes bob, problem with tillers they set around and only get used during the spring, If not stored properly (which can very) carb. mid and high jets may gum up and restrict flow. Usuually it leans out the carb. and the engine will stall or die out. Glad you got it running.

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