Mantis Tiller, are they a one use puppy like everry string trimm

redfish32June 3, 2011

Bought a Mantis tiller last summer, tilled my garden in 15 minutes and put it away. Got it out today, started it and it won't do a freaking thing, just idles and won't go fast enough to turn the tines. Do I need to buy a new one every spring just like I have to buy a new str4ing every spring?


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No, you probably need to learn how to store it properly and then when the carb. plugs up you need to know how to clean it.

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arceeguy(z6 NJ)

While I don't own a Mantis, I do have a small Homelite tiller with a Tecumseh TC200 two cycle engine. I had the exact same problem where the engine would start and idle, but had no response at all when you pulled the trigger. Turns out the governor mechanism was stuck because of mud and dirt. Cleaned and lubricated the mechanism and it works great.

If the engine is bogging and sputtering when you hit the throttle, then the carb needs to be cleaned out and the old fuel drained and discarded.

Todays fuel does not store well. I always add fuel stabilizer to the gas I use for my power equipment and motorcycle. I will run equipment dry before storing them for the season. I very rarely have any fuel system problems with my equipment, and most of the trimmers and blowers I pick out of the trash just need the carb cleaned out.

Along with the fuel storage issue, todays carbs on power equipment are jetted lean and any deposits will render them inoperable. Many pieces of new equipment have burned up quickly because of this.

You can purchase the special screwdrivers and limit caps from your small engine dealer so you can properly tune the engine.

Good luck!

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