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dan1960April 7, 2014

I have a white outdoors riding mower, it's model # is
132-666F190, I just rewired it and need to know what color wires go to the ignition, it is unintelligible, it has only the following letters, I, A, R, B, S I know what the letters are supposed to mean, but nothing fits this mower.
Can someone tell me the wire color match only for each letter?
I would really appreciate it.

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I'm pretty sure you have a totally incorrect switch.
It should have an "M" terminal for instance, NOT an "I".
Your switch is for a battery/points ignition system. A very good way to ""FRY" the coil.

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Thanks for the help bill, I found the old Ignition switch and you were right, it does have an M for ignition, but I still need help from anyone out there that knows with color wire goes to which Lettered plug post on the back of an Ignition switch and which colored wire to which Letter on the Ignition Switch for a White Outdoors Riding Mower Model # 132-666F190.
If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

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You might list the "LETTER" of all the terminals you have-

To start-
B (battery)
It connects to the starter solenoid + terminal. The same one that the heavy battery cable connects to- It appears to be RED up to the fuse and BLACK coming out of the fuse to the Key switch (KS)
It then goes through the fuse and connects to the B terminal of the KS.

S (solenoid)
It connects to a small terminal on the starter solenoid.
It appears to be ORANGE at the solenoid.
It goes to the deck? switch. It then goes to clutch switch and to the S terminal of the KS..

M (magneto) YELLOW wire
This terminal is grounded when the key is OFF.
It will go to the kill wire which is attached to the coil under the shroud.
The YELLOW wire is also involved with the Clutch Switch.
The Clutch switch is 2 switches in one.
1/2 for the starter solenoid which is connected when the pedal is depressed (to enable starting)
The other 1/2 will likely be in conjunction with the seat switch. Pedal up, switch closes, so you have to be in the seat to open that switch or else the kill wire is grounded preventing spark.

Hope that's enough to get you started.

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