Ryobi 40 Volt lithium ion string trimmer

sumitsonJune 27, 2012

Hello. I just got a Ryobi 40 volt lithium ion string strimmer, expecting it not to be a joke like other battery powered string trimmers and the only good one out of many out there. However, I am not happy with the gauge of string and the auto feed mechanism (really semi auto feed). If I could change the gauge of string I feel it would be better so I wouldn't have to keep turning the trimmer on and off which is how you increase the amount of string.

The trimmer is attachment capable so I was thinking of trying a couple attachments however I emailed ryobi customer service and the reply was that no attachments can be added to the ryobi 40 volt. Why it says so on the box then I don't know, but I was wondering if any of you guys have tried adding attachments or a thicker string at least. It's annoying when every twig and piece of tree bark cuts the string off and I have to constantly shut it on and off just to get 1 inch of string out.

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Can you take the Ryobi back to where you bought it and then get a real string trimmer? That should solve your problems.

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what do you mean get a real string trimmer? What's a real string trimmer?

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Since you asked, a real string trimmer has a engine and not a motor and runs on gasoline not electricity and should be capable of using at least .095 cutting line. When you see professional lawn care operators using an electric trimmer then you'll know they are ready for prime time.

Echo and Stihl both have split-boom trimmers capable of accepting attachments if that is important to you, however, each of the attachments will cost as much as your trimmer. You get what you pay for most of the time.

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Which one is the best value for the money and can you do good edging with? I went on consumerreports.org and the one that they rate good is the one the users on the bottom of the page say that is difficult to start and breaks down easily. So which one isn't hard to start and doesn't make unneccesary amounts of noise and use up tons of gas but is still good and a real trimmer or does a real trimmer have to guzzle gas and make enormous amounts of noise?

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"So which one isn't hard to start and doesn't make unneccesary amounts of noise and use up tons of gas but is still good and a real trimmer"...I personally have an Echo SRM-225. Had it since 2009. Has always started easily for me and is very fuel efficient, but fuel efficiency is relattive. It can be used for edging. The pros use trimmers for edging all the time, but it takes some practice. All 2-strokes make some noise, but this is also relative.

Home Depot has them for $200.+. I think that many here will agree that this is a very good light commercial trimmer at a very good price.

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"hard to start"... a lot of starting problems in small engines are caused by bad gasoline. You MUST use fuel stabilizer and should use it all the time. You also should change it out often. Personally, I just dump my gasoline that is a couple of months old, including 2-stroke mix, into the car so it doesn't go to waste.

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How much does the Echo cost and I have heard that echo's make excessive noise and some say Stihl is better. Also, I didn't know that you can put 2 stroke mix into the car, I thought that would damage the engine because of the oil in it.

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"How much does the Echo cost"...Home Depot has them for $200.

"I have heard that echo's make excessive noise"...It will certainly be louder than an electric trimmer. Wear hearing protection.

"some say Stihl is better"...A Ford versus Chevy discussion. Some say that the lower priced Echo's are built better than the lower priced Stihl's. The Stihl's are good machines so look at both and then you decide.

"I thought that would damage the engine"...I don't believe that the de minimus quantity of oil in less than a quart of mix in a full tank of gas hurts anything at all. Some may disagree with me on this.

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Sumitson, I don't know if you ever got a proper answer to your current problem. I am going to try a heavier guage string on my Ryobi and see how well that works. I have owned many "real" string trimmers before. Assuming you don't own a lawn service, these lithium battery powered units are ample for a homeowner. They are quiet, light and I no longer worry about ethanol destroying the delicate two stroke carbs. I hope you did not return your trimmer and just tried a heavier guage like I am going to do.

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There are no attachments to be had for a Ryobi 40 volt lithium ion string trimmer. Fact is you must disassemble the motor housing just to change the factory head that holds the string.

If all you are trimming is a small area. I vote Husqvarna or Echo straight shaft models. I honestly feel that the smaller Sthils are no better than a Homelite. Only thing they got going for them is you can at least get parts for them.

Husqvarna 129L ($200) is a great little homeowner trimmer that is good for around the yard trimming.

Ethanol Shield and the Blue StaBil are good additives that combat the effects of Ethanol laced fuel.

PS: When it comes to gas powered trimmers. AVOID curved shaft models. For they all are about useless and wear you out trimming with them.

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