It is bad to think you are getting something free or for nothing.

loger_gwJune 18, 2013

It is bad to think you are getting something free or for nothing. There is work in most gifts. I seem to always have to go back to the âÂÂBasicsâÂÂ. In the gift at the bottom that I had no history on and went backwards as I noticed needs. After being told it sat 3 yrs I should have started with the carb and fuel sys which all needed work.

Other items with needs or adjustment:

1. I had my 1st experience of having bad 1 yr old treated fuel as fresh fuel started 2 other trimmers. Not having a full tank of the treated fuel has not mattered but I feel it did this time.

2. The motor runs with the kill switch disconnected to ground, ground kills in the on position.

3. The HCA Shaft/Cable is the correct dia but approx 6-8â shorter (will switch later).

4. I pulled my old 110V induction timing light to see if it will test small eng spark later.

Bingo! A friend just called to say he has a running Echo HCA 2400 (which is a Pole Hedge Trimmer) that I can have. It should be close or an identical fit for my extra Echo SRM 210 String TrimmerâÂÂs shaft.

Experimenting is not fun in the 90's degree heat!

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Fixing the freebie in 90' heat truly is sweat equity. I get such a rush from coaxing somebody's castoff back to usefulness. Around here, 90' has the benefit of keeping the mosquitoes away.

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I enjoy recycling minimum items with minor needs vs complaining. I see my effort as a way to practice old skills and learn new skills. This avoids some waste and helps some in need. One of my best contacts will service equipment or recycle the metal vs me doing too much processing. Actually the last 3 yrs there is very little curbed equipment. Professional collectors are working just ahead of our CityâÂÂs monthly Bulk Pick-Up.

IâÂÂll be interested in tracing and seeing why the kill switch is killing fire in the On Position. This is a first experience and possibly a shorted switch for starters.

Have Fun With Your Experiments But Not In The Heat!

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Echo Eng's SMR 210 & HCA 2400 Compared:

1. If the EchoâÂÂs HCA 2400 engineâÂÂs ground to the kill switch had to be disconnected for the engine to run, would you say the switch is shorted?

2. How would you interpret both engâÂÂs 2nd wire to the kill switch shows continuity with ground with the switches On or Off??

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They both have shorted switches, unlikely, but possible.

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Both run fine with the 2nd wire showing continuity to ground. Not running might be the key since I c/n see them running going to ground. Versus blowing a component checking for ground while they are running, I might pull a plug and check in the starting mode. I'll at least check another but I feel it will be the same vs needing the ground disconnected on the distinct ground wire. And Move On!!!

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A piece of the trigger let go on my Husqivarna 322L weed wacker. I fiddled with it for a while and then used it by tugging on the throtlle cable .It needs a 4.32 $ widget that will take 10$ worth of S+H to get here. I'm gonna see if the last local shop, a Husq Dlr, has or can get one.

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Good Luck! I find this market a Big Game. My locals that probably orders quantities/volumes for less, wants me to pay the partâÂÂs price and shipping. This stalls many of my simple projects that are not worth simple parts cost with shipping and takes the fun out (due to the stall of a 2.00 part costing 8.00 shipped/tracked). Most of all if it is coming from a local distributor, due to just in time vs stocking.

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I ordered the part Monday. The guy has to order parts in 250$ lots. He said it will prolly be in Friday. So far no money has changed hands. I was prepaying and waiting for weeks for the wrong part to come from Stihl. with my old parts guy.. George is gonna have to screw up big time to match those clowns.

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"Oh, By the way, ABC called." Says the LOTH 4.22 $ Same list as on-line. Free shipping with a local pick up. What is not to like. Today is George's last Saturday 1/2 day. He takes them off during the summer I wished him a good summer.

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