Mandrel/Quill replacement

exmarApril 22, 2012

Hi Folks,

Craftsman GT500, 917.275972 w/26 HP Briggs. I think one of the Quills has started to make noise. Lost a lot of my hearing in Sunny SouthEast Asia so will have to wait for my brother to wander by and check it out.

THe machine is 9 years old and I mow 4 acres, so if I don't need it now, probably will in the future.

Quill part # 137152, Parts List also shows "Bearing, Ball Mandrel." # 110485X. Anyone know if it's worth while to replace the bearing or just "bite the bullet" and get the whole unit?

Where's a good place or manufacturer to buy these? Obviously can cross reference that part number and find them all over the web. Thinking that if I order one I'll just get two to save on S&H.

Thoughts, opinions, or observations welcome.

THanks for your time,


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Here's how these go. Bearings are replaceable and can be sourced at nearly any decent OPE dealer or bearing house. The lowers take most the wear and if you wanted to do it on the cheap- you could get away with just the lowers on your own equipment. After driving out the shaft, give the tops a roll w/ the tip of your finger. If they roll smooth, they're ok. About a 1/4 of the time the lower bearing comes out with the shaft -meaning you would need to go through the work of pulling or have it pulled from the shaft. BTW, don't remove the spindles from the deck to do the bearing work. 143651 is the complete mandrel # should you have a cracked leg. You can also replace just the shaft kit. They used to come with both bearings, but I think they now include only the lower.

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Thanks Tom,

I see that now, I just made an assumption that you had to replace the whole thing.


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Back when i was just starting out with fixing mowers, and really uninitiated in the whats and whys of mower spindles--i decided to replace a noisy mandrell on my Craftsman Lawn tractor deck.
A liberal application of PB Blaster seemed like it would work, so i applied it, allowed it to sit and soak in, then applied the socket wrench and----SNAP! That loud SNAP told me to go buy a new mandrel, with all of the parts associated with it. I have learned a lot since then.

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