Good place to buy carpet roses.

ingeborgdotApril 9, 2012

Where is a good place to buy carpet roses online?

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I did a search for the term "carpet" in the online rose data base, and linked that below.

Click on the carpet-named rose you're interested in. This will take you to information about the rose and there is a tab at the top which will give you the names of some vendors that carry that rose. I hope you find the rose you are looking for!

Here is a link that might be useful: roses that have

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Thanks. I have been doing some searching on google and found some places. I guess what I was looking for was someone that had actually purchased from one of the vendors and whether they were satisfied with the merchandise or not. Thanks again for helping out though.

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seil zone 6b MI

I was at my Home Depot today and they had a whole rack of the Flower Carpet roses in every color! I think they were 7 or 8 bucks a piece.

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Super. I live 35 miles from a HD so I may run and check here this weekend.

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Both Lowes and HD tend to carry carpet roses. I'd call before making the trip if it's that far since each store seems to vary in inventory. I bought a Pink Supreme off Lowes $1 rack (they were normally in good shape, but someone must have forgotten this guy). Had two tiny canes with no leaves. I couldn't resist as the canes were healthy. Today, 2 years later it's about a 3 1/2' diameter spread (with about 3 rogue canes stretching up about 2 1/2' in the air). It's pretty cool.

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I've Flower carpet roses them at Home Depot too but I couldn't find 2 of the colors I wanted there (Coral and Yellow) so I ordered from Willowcreek Nurseries and was happy with the ones I received. Can't remember what I paid for them but it was worth it as they seem to be doing very well already.

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It says bare root. How was that?

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I was checking with some nurseries and they won't carry them. They say we can't keep enough water on them around here. I found a rose I like and now I can't get it except online. It does scare me a little using it for a job for someone else but the two I have at home are gorgeous and thriving. I thought they were hardy. They say the knockouts do well around here. Are the knockouts hardier?

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seil zone 6b MI

No, not necessarily. I think they just push the KOs more. They have such a reputation with landscapers. I've never heard of the Carefrees being water hogs either. We have a couple of large plantings of them down at the subdivision beach area. There is a sprinkler system set up in the lawn but there are no outlets in the flower beds so they only get over spray from the grass and maybe some spray from lake waves hitting the seawall. They get precious little care except for a deep pruning in the spring and they bloom consistently all summer. No one even dead heads them after they bloom and they still keep blooming. They are never sprayed for anything either and I can't recall ever seeing much black spot on them. No winter protection is provided and they've come back fine for at least 10 years or so now. So for my money they do as well or better than the KOs!

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The ones I have are doing great also. I just can't seem to understand where they are coming from but that still does not help me. I am needing some either #1 or 2 size plants and can't seem to find any so it looks like I am stuck with knockout because it does give a good bloom time like the carpet rose does. I don't like the leaves of the knockout as well as the carpets either. My main goal is to get a long time bloom which is what the people want and this will still fit the bill. I wish I had the lower growing carpet but the knockout should suffice. Now, I need to research the knockout and find out about the red varieties.

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