1975 Troy Bilt horse tiller tine shaft question?

lsmerrillJune 20, 2010

I am in the process of restoring a 1975 Troy Bilt Horse tiller. The Problem I am having is when I re-assemble the tine shaft into he housing and replace the cap on the left side I have play in the tine shaft left & right. Probibly in the neighborhood of 3/4 to 1 inch of play. I also have a little play front to back probibly 1/8". Are there any shims that are supposed to go between the bearings and the bronze gear? Are the bearings and the bronze gear supposed to move freely on the tine shaft or are they supposed to be pressed on? I can slide both off of the tine shaft.... Can the race wear out? The bearings are in good shape... Anyone with any suggestions please help!

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Here's what my 1978 Horse book says about "play."

"Lack of any side-play of the tiller shaft ... indicates the cover is too close to the tiller housing. Remove the cover and add to the gasket thickness - .040 inch total thickness should relieve the pressure on the bearings. TOO MUCH SIDE-PLAY CALLS FOR LESS GASKET THICKNESS UNDER THE COVER. THEN, .020 INCH TOTAL GASKET MIGHT DO IT."

I can't find where the manual tells about replacing gears in the tiller, but it does mention mention checking the keys (shear pins) when replacing grease seals. SOME rotational play is okay, but 3/4" side to side sounds like too much. My Horse has about 1/8" side to side.

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