walk behind wheeled string trimmer

buttercupia(zone4 IA)June 15, 2013

Hi, I'd like to find a walk behind string trimmer since it gets so tiring to my back and arms to be lugging the string trimmer(any of them) around the yard. I also have several hundred feet of curb and sidewalk to trim as well as trees, shrubs, landscape and garden edges. I have a Mantis edger/tiller, so that helps, but I would like to know if anyone has a recommendation for a wheeled walk behind string trimmer that is light and small and easy to run to do precision and some angled trimming.. also that would do vertical trimming for sidewalk and curb? Any suggestions?

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Hi buttercupia,

First of all, have you used straps and harnesses to take the load off of your hands and arms and put the weight of the trimmer on your shoulders? Depending on your local terrain, it can be rather difficult to push a wheeled string trimmer around and maneuver it. High grass can cause a lot of rolling resistance. Throw in some big weeds, and it can be hard to push any wheeled device.

In addition to a good harness, a trimmer with a bike handle can be much easier to control than one with a D handle or similar handle. We live in a rural area with uneven terrain, and a wheeled string trimmer, even one with high wheels like bicycle wheels, would be troublesome to maneuver in many places. I mention these options, because you don't see many professional grounds keepers using wheeled trimmers.


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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

No, I havenâÂÂt used a harness, but have worn out several electric (weedeater, craftsman, toro,and one battery operated yardstick trimmers. I donâÂÂt have a lot of tough weeds, high grass to trim or tough brush, but mostly a lot of edging under shrubs, along sidewalks, curb, garden edgings, etc and though I donâÂÂt mind running the lawnmower... we have a Troybilt 33â wide walk behind and a Toro self propelled, both mulch mowers which, together get the job done in about an hour and a half, I would like to be able to rest my arms and shoulders while running a precision type string trimmer... it takes quite a while to do the trimming well, and it seems like it would be nice to be able to roll the trimmer instead of carrying it around.. IâÂÂm in my 60s and want to be able to keep on trimming... also thought IâÂÂd like to volunteer at the local trappist monastery where they need a lot of trimming, mostly trimming the taller grass near shrubs, trees and buildings and edging, and a walk behind gas motor trimmer seems like the ticket. Is there such a thing as a precision wheeled walk behind trimmer? Really donâÂÂt need it to be self propelled or heavy, just so it rolls and I can target the areas I need to trim without lugging it around (I don't like carrying even my under the seat carryon luggage in the airport.. need wheels for that)...Home ground is about a third acre sloping medium to level, a bit bumpy... kind of like a park with a lot of beds and long sidewalk.

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DR makes such a tool but I don't know about angles.

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"DR makes such a tool"...The DR is more of a mower that uses nylon line rather than a metal blade. I don't think what the OP envisions exsists.

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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

I wish someone would invent it.. I looked at the DR.. nearest dealer is 50+mi away. Seems like it may be the closest to what I can use.. hope it is sturdy and not too heavy.

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zeuspaul(9b SoCal)

You can buy wheels for a string trimmer.

I tried a neighbor's DR trimmer. It was OK on level ground as a weed mower. It was not as versatile as a string trimmer.

I am over 60 and always use a strap to keep the weight off my back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wheels

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bckskin2(5 Il)

We have a Swisher that worked great around the fences on our mini-farm. It had engine problems so after 15 years I am going to get a new one almost just like it. For a small area like around the house and trees I use the heavy duty hand held. Tall grass and weeds you can't beat them.

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buttercupia(zone4 IA)

I have looked at the stihl gas trimmer with curved shank an ez start.. if I use a shoulder harness I think it will work ok and not be too hard on my hands and shoulders.. (I hope) so then maybe I will get the wheels to go with them... thanks to all who have made suggestions.. will let you know how it goes when I get this combo...
Buttercup IA

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I just returned the top of the line DR trimmer for a refund. It was terrible. Ran for about 1 minute at a time before stalling. Other problems are more common, according to postings I've seen. Switching to a high-end, high power hand held brushcutter with a support strap.

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I have a old DR commercial trimmer (1993-1998) with the Kawasaki 6.75 (FC150V-ES31) engine. The carb (bowl type) (15003-2623) needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Does anyone know of a rebuild kit (all I seem to be able to find is individual parts) or of an aftermarket diaphragm replacement?

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My combo of a Green MachineâÂÂs hard blade head, EchoâÂÂs long shaft and SR210 engine has been a lifesaver for my back. No bending, I basically drag the trimmerâÂÂs head with the wheel rolling (on grass vs concrete) and blade at a 45 to concrete vs straight (reduced edging every cut). I thought the split shaft with the hard blade would be my only option and maybe shorter. Experimenting I saw the EchoâÂÂs and long shaft would power the hard blade. No weight and the 45 angles or straight cut/trim while I stand straight was my challenge.

The original split shaft and Green Machine power head was a winner over string but became a killer due to the short shaft requiring bending. The hard blade will also allow some trimming as a string in tight areas. My neighbor has a Craftsman split shaft with the wheel/hard blade, string or blower that seems to work for him. I used the G/M split shaft approx 15 yrs as a hard blade only while not believing in the split shaft concept but with quality I feel they work.

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