AMES Garden Tools & Reccomendations?

cpgaJune 3, 2010

What is with AMES having a monopoly on Garden tools @ Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, & ACE? I wanted to buy a nice garden hoe and this was the only brand either store carried. Obviously, they wont carry top of the line stuff, but from reviews that I have read, the AMES garden hoes are crap quality. Can anybody recommend a good brand for garden hoes(grub hoe to be exact)? Has anybody used Belloto products?

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I have never been fond of Ames, myself, from personal experience. None of the stores you listed surprise me as far as only carrying Ames, with the exception of Ace. I am somewhat bumfuzzled by that. My only suggestion would be to continue searching at the smallest of hardware stores. You may have to look in some of your smaller surrounding towns. I personally shop two small hardware stores in my area and never have any trouble finding quality gardening tools. But then again, I try to stay away from those first three stores "as much as possible" and give my money to the little guys. One of my personal favorite brands of tools is True Temper, which I have found out as I speak, is an Ames brand! I guess Ames does carry a good line of tools after all. I hope this has been of some assistance.

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Yeah I went to some mom&pop store that I thought was affiliated with Ace, so maybe im wrong. I darted in there real quick. But either way, yeah they carried Ames and some other name brand I never heard of.
Thanks for replying. I'm starting to think Vigoro, True Temper, and Ames are all under the same umbrella. I'm quite surprised that Home Depot doesn't carry a Vigoro garden hoe. I know Vigoro isn't the best but it sure is sufficient quality considering the cost benefit. I'll keep on looking. Thanks.

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Lee Valley Tools out of Canada have about a dozen different patterns of hoes. Most of their tools are top quality. Prices start at about $25. and go up to about $50. plus shipping, but no tax.

In defense of Home Depot, I doubt if many of their customers want to pay $25. let alone $50. for a hoe.

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