Why I love my job

leira(6 MA)April 3, 2012

Well, there are many reasons, but here are some that are relevant to this forum: Next to the trash bins in public areas, there are also recycling bins and bins for compostables. When the folks in my group were shopping for a by-the-cup coffeemaker, choosing one that had completely compostable pods was a top priority. No one thinks it odd that I want to bring those compostable coffee pods home for my own bin (but if I'm not quick enough, someone will bring them to the barrel downstairs). My boss offers to bring in chicken manure for me (he occasionally brings in extra fresh eggs, too).

The fact that there's a cookie-baking robot down the hall is pretty cool, too.

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Cookie-Baking Robot! Great band name.

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Mmmm, cookies.

Now were you saying something about compost? I missed that. :-p

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