Harbor Freight Double Cut Saw

mxyplxJune 30, 2011


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Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Saw

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Been there, done that, and will call it a waste. I really liked the concept, but the problems out weigh usefulness. I first seen it on an Infomercial, and then got mine at good ole HF.

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HF tools are china knock offs. Usually the same in design but made to cheaper standard. As most companies around the world have gone to cheap labor countries so their CEO's can make Millions year not having to pay union labor rates. China has no respect for trade marks or Patents, so the copy any design and sell it to any buyer at cheaper price. Look at the tools closely you will see the same concept as many main brands just made cheaper. This is why you see the lower prices. Some stuff lasts depending on how often you use it. Don't expect main brand preformance or quality. In fact some stuff is down right drangerous.. Buyer beware based on skill and knowledge of tools and there use.

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If you had a background of working with Quality Brand Tools (from the 60s, 70s before the clones), IMO you had a better feel for quality. Initially I felt the clones had more quality than possibly now. Some quality tools I could not afford for my little use. After seeing some clones do repetitive/competitive work for 5 yrs or more on the job, I was sold on a few. Mainly a drill press, otherwise I felt I had more in a used Brand Name Tool. The satisfaction guaranteed and lifetime warr sold many people on clones. BUT! The repeated returns were not worth my time.

Basically my tool had to prove I needed them vs just wanting them. LOL. Such as, I framed enough with a skill saw to prove a Radial Arm would pay me. A compressor would pay maintenance needs, painting and etc. When the jobs dictated the needs after the proof, that was the day they came out of Lay-A-Way.

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