Scotts S2046 transmission drive belt installation instructions ?

JosmoeApril 14, 2012


The transmission drive belt on my Scotts S2046 ride on tractor mower has broken. I have the user manual but there are no instructions or diagram showing how to replace.

Could someone send me the routing diagram and instructions please.

Thanks in advance,

Joe Smo

Scotts tractors were sold by Home Depot and built on the cheap by John Deere so there may be an equivalent John Deere model instructions that work.

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Here's the diagram for a JD/Scotts S2046 drive belt.

Got it in 30 seconds from the JD web site.

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Thanks. I had seen that diagram from their parts list. Unfortunately I am not much of a mechanic and the underside of my tractor looks a bit more complicated than that.

Does anyone have any instructions on what to do to install the belt ?

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Remove the mowing deck and it will look a lot simpler under there.

That diagram pretty much tells what you need to know if you are mechanically inclined.

There are idler pulleys that need to be checked for wear and binding (3,14,15).

Remove the spring (9) to allow the idler to swing out of the way and give the belt slack so you can remove it.

Make triple sure the replacement belt is an OEM Scotts (JD) belt and not an aftermarket cheapie unless you want to replace the belt again real soon.

If it seems too complicated that's OK. Take the tractor to a repair shop and pay them to do what you don't know how to do. As much as that may stick in your craw it will be the smartest move for you.

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Thanks, that helped a lot, especially the tip about removing spring 9 (which took a bit of brute force). without that seemingly obvious tip I could have been hacking around for a while :).

Belt now changed and running again. I needed to also disconnect the steering rod and the foot brake locking mechanism. Not sure that is the proper method but it is what seemed to be needed.

Thanks again for your good advice,


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I picked a stick up while mowing and it jammed in the drive system. Will replace the belt and 1 plastic idler pulley. My tractor is a S1742 scotts, 2000 model. My question is how much slop should be in the pulley on top of the transmission? I'm thinking probably none but just wondering if anybody might have an answer for this. This has been a great mower. Also, can I get a parts diagram from JD website as mentions earlier. Thanks for any help you might give me.

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Just replaced my belt. My advice to add... is instead of removing the spring .... put a deep socket wrench on the bolt of the pulley and use the socket wrench to push/pull the pulley so you can slip the belt on pulley 15.

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