Recycling Old Mowers:

loger_gwJune 10, 2012

Recycling Old Mowers:

I spotted an old light wt 3.5 Briggs w/o automatic trans, air condition, power seats, power windows and a radio behind a neighbor�s barn and asked for it. They gave it to me and it�s already donated to save a friend that will use it to trim rent property. There is some good use in old Briggs that was not cutting 12 hours daily commercially and taken care of. I feel "not taken care of will be the issue" if this Monster does not make a good trim mower. It appears as if the oil and air filter were never changed and it's been sitting outside over a year.

It kicked before I ran out of about 10 pulls, after adding gas and oil. Now it will need to go to my friend that uses or recycle the metal. LOL. We Have To Keep Some Activity Folks! I was born in 1946 which means I have some catching up to the fellow that said he had shoes older than I am. Take Care & Have Some Fund.

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The TX Heat Is In And "Stalled Me"! The Heat and too many "Friends" with needs is not a good mix in this Heat. Hello! I have Personal Work, Projects And On Donating Leave (until the heat lets me do more). It Takes Work To Donate Service or Items (it works better during the "Winter"). I'll continue to send pics of firewood and hold mowers etc off the curb but they will have to come for them "As Is" vs my usual service.

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Occasionally, i get a good "curb-find" walk behind mower sitting out for the G-man. Got one last week, a darby looking piece. Only thing wrong was a plugged air filter sponge. Lots of grease and clippings, obviously never cleaned, owner probably didn't even know about it being there. Ahh, yes--run it until it dies, then toss it and buy a new one, all the while bad-mouthing the folks who made it!

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A retired gent down the road aways picks up dead mowers and revives them. Then sticks 'em out front with a 50$ price tag. Been doing it for 20 yrs or so. Always has at least one out there.

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A good exercise to keep skills and benefit to the interested. I avoid money issues by donating "As Is" or running 95% of the time. I looked at a Husky rider I was called on this week and wanted to see it only due to curiosity. I told the owner if it�s knocking and not starting to look at the crankcase/motor for a hole or dent. I went by due to other business in the area and the hole was on the opposite end of the head (due to less resistance IMO). The end on my part and I suggested that no real money is spent on the aged mower.

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I usually keep a good running engine in stock, to be used in a free tractor donation that might just happen by.
Free walk-behinds get the good old "College try" and if they can be made to run and mow, they get a cheap price tag, and usually go away right soon. A few that don't run are kept for parts, and eventually make the one-way ride to the scrap yard.
All donations are gladly accepted! They keep this 88 year old WW II vet in spending money, and also keep him out of the "funny Farm".

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I am finding better recycle small engines and equipment by Word-Of- Mouth vs on the curb. The competition has fallen off just like the products vs me being slow. LOL. I have enough Junk and Projects to stay busy for years. I have to cycle the good and bad quick due to space (garage, car-port and closets) and time. To clear my workbench yesterday I had to pack more in the closet. My promise is to leave my garage clear for the two cars daily, workbench clear for the next project, closets clear to retrieve tools or projects w/o extra work and carport for items ready to donate or scrap in a week. That Is A Challenge Slowed In TX Heat!

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txtom50(8a texas)

"That Is A Challenge Slowed In TX Heat!" --- Yeah but it still feels like spring compared to last year!!

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For me, it is the cheap thrill that goes through me every time I coax a discard back to life. Plus it is an homage to the time when people used every bit of their possessions rather than toss away and buy new.

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Loger, your problem is not too many friends.
Your problem is not enough friends with
cold beer. And Andyma, I agree about the
thrill of bringing a throwaway back to life.
Fixing what somebody else says: "Can't be
repaired", gives one a satisfaction that
can't be described.

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