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victory_tea2085(z6 Ny)April 18, 2014

Just got the Turn Tight t2200 hydrostat lawn tractor. It has a lubrication chart with 7 points/fittings to lube. I can't find several as the illustrated chart is very vague. I tried googling but found no help. Is there anywhere I can get a more specific chart? Or if anyone has the same tractor and would be willing to help me out? Also, there is a plastic tubing ,10 inches long, that came in the cello bag holding the manual and deck hose adapter- can't find anywhere in the literature what this is for. Thanks, Paul

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call sears on lube points help.
plastic tubing is most likely used with your engine oil drain setup. look for retail detail in tractor manual or engine manual.

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FWIW, Craftsman historically uses a "generic" lube chart and if you're looking for fittings, other than probably four on the front end, "maybe" one each on the deck spindles, the rest are just someplace you might put a drop of oil. e.g. pivot point on belt tensioners, etc.

rc is right on with the hose application, again, historically, they used those with the "quick drain" or whatever it's called for the engine oil. Most folks remove that and put in a half inch pipe plug with/without a pipe nipple to route the drain somewhere conventient, if the pipe nipple is used, then a pipe cap would be required.

If you haven't cut grass with it yet, steal the spray can of canola oil or pam from the kitchen and thoroughly spray the underside of the deck., helps to prevent grass from sticking.

Opinions vary as to using the deck wash out feature. Not a believer in introducing a lot of water in places it couldn't normally get to. The biggest enemy of decks is rusting out. Just my humble opnion.

Have fun with the new toy.

Be well,


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The deck warsh works pretty well if you religiously perform it immediately after every mowing. It works best if the blades are engaged and wahing lasts 10 minutes or so. Like most things your millage may vary. :)

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If you post the model number from below the seat, I can point out where to look for the zircs.

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victory_tea2085(z6 Ny)

Thanks guys- the model number is 917.20381.

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The lube chart would be accurate on yours. You will have 2 easy to see zircs on the front axle on each side facing forwards. Each front wheel will have one on the inside hub. Likely the deck spindles do not have zircs, but if they do it would be easy to find on the very top and center of each one.

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victory_tea2085(z6 Ny)

The one I can't find is near the steering wheel. Paul

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There is no zirc there. Their only suggestion is a light coat on the steering sector teeth.

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