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tjd4655June 19, 2007

I inherited an old, (late 60's/early 70's) MTD "Super Deluxe" front tine tiller. It runs great, Briggs and Stratton 5hp, but the rear wheel assembly is broken. I cannot find any model numbers or serial numbers anywhere on this machine. I have been to the MTD website, but can't get anywhere there. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.



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maineman(z5a ME)

A welding shop might be able to fix it.

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Are you sure it's THAT old? I didn't think MTD was around then?
What's the first 2 digits of the engine code?

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Thanks for the input. Yes, it's pretty old. I can remember my grandfather having it when I was a kid.

I cannot find any numbers anywhere on the body, frame, engine, etc...Rather frustrating.

I may try the welding shop idea...

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Are the wheels a permanent part of the body? I just picked up an older one yesterday (circa 1973) and the wheel assembly is only held in by a pin. Is yours different and broken, or similar to mine but missing altogether?

As for the age of the tiller, the B&S engine should have the model, type, and code numbers (in that order) stamped into the housing (possibly the recoil housing). If your machine is that old then maybe a bit of rust or old paint is making the numbers hard to notice? The first two numbers of your code will indicate the year of the engine, which should be a good estimator regarding the year of your machine.


PS ... I managed to find the tiller model number (no serial number tho) on the housing that sits over the tines. It was just a sticker (that was almost half off), so maybe yours has fallen off?


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Thanks for the response.

My rear wheels ARE held in place with a pin, but where they contact the housing on the bottom, there is a piece broken off which allows them to "float". This makes it impossible to roll it around.

I will look again on the housing over the tines. I never thought to look in the recoil housing. I'll check there and let you all know.

Thanks again for all the responses.


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Do you know what your wheel assembly is supposed to look like? If not, and if you think it will help, then email me at and I will take some pictures and measurements this evening and send them to you. That way when you take it to a welding shop you will know exactly what to ask for.

Let me know.


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Does anyone know what kind of transmission oil these old MTD tillers use?

I have an old 1973 MTD tiller that is now running, but I would like to change the tranny fluid prior to tilling with it.



btw, if anyone has any B&S engines, the B&S site has quite a few articles on servicing these engines. The site also has an IPL (Illustrated Parts List) that is useful when ordering parts. If anyone does end up using the IPL to order parts for older engines, chances are that the part identification numbers have changed. Therefore, when ordering parts have your supplier use their B&S program (they should have one on their computer) to cross-reference part numbers while you are there so that you can get the most current part numbers.


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Okay, I'll answer my own question! :)

The tranny takes 5 ounces of SAE 140 Gear Oil or equivalent (I managed to obtain a manual).


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