A watermelon "plugger"

Noteybook(5)June 27, 2014

What I have in this picture is something called a watermelon plugger, where I've found in a VERY old fashioned store. You stick it in the melon, twist, turn, and take out a piece to try.

I have never heard, seen, or been able to find anything remotely like it.

I was wondering if there was another name it goes by, or something else-I mean, from my understanding this tool is around 60 years old, and I can't seem to find any sort of info about it.

I apologize if this is the wrong forum, I just didn't know where else to post it.

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It could be used for carving fruit also.

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Interesting. In pre WWII days, watermelons were plugged at farm stands/fruit markets so that the buyer was assured of a good melon. Faded into the past with the advent of super markets. Usually the tool was a big pocket knife. Thta device would be a lot quicker.

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I had a relatively country-boy friend from Michigan point out it looks like a seed sower-and, after searching, there are some with that similar cone shape.

The place it's from, farmerdill, is a super old fashioned place. They assure quality, let you taste test melons(and some apples, grapes, or other small things if you ask nice). They don't know where they got this from, but supposedly it was from the original owner who also owned peach trees and sold local peaches.

I'm just curious, there seems like there'd be a lot of history behind this and I'm having trouble finding it.

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I would also try in the Vegetable Gardening forum.


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It looks like a rope splicing tool. Are the edges very sharp?


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The edges have some teeth to them, but they're not very sharp. I'd say similar to a butterknife.

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