Troy Bilt 5HP Chipper Vac

gary48June 7, 2007

I recently was given a Troy Bilt model 47261 (1992?) 5 hp chipper vac that was manufactured in Troy NY by Garden Way. I need the owners manual for this machine if anybody out there has one. A seller on E-bay has manuals for 5hp machines made in 1993 and 1994, but not my specific model.

Does anyone know if those model years are similar to my 1992, in other words, would one of those manuals be useful to me? Thanks.

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you can download one from here but you need your serial number

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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I have all the original Troy Bilt chipper vac Pro model owners manuals. You would have to pay for copies to be made. They charge 25 cents a printed page at the library They are around 60 pages with parts list Contact me with your model number. I will get back to you with how many pages and postage.


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Did you ever find a manual for your Chipper Vac? Where? How about a sourse for parts?

I just bought a used Chipper Vac-Very good condition for being 17 years old! Sad to find out that Troy Bilt (Garden Way) no longer around. Good tough equipment!

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I may be of some help to you. I recently purchased a 5HP model myself. It was LIKE NEW. I changed the oil, put in a high performance spark plug, fresh gas, hosed it off, and it literally looks and runs like NEW. It turned out that mine was a model 47282. I emailed Troy-Bilt about obtaining a owners manual for this model. They explained that for a while prior to the bankruptcy of Troy-Bilt, Garden Way mfg. made the chipper vacs. MTD took over the assets of Troy-Bilt but did not pick up those assets from Garden Way. I was told that Murray had picked up those assets. That explains why when you try to find a manual on Troy-Bilt web page or MTD web page with a valid model number and serial number, it is unable to find anything for this series of model numbers.. I was successful in one regard, I found a man that had an owners manual for 5HP chipper vacs (similar vintage) on EBAY. The particular model numbers covered in his offering was 47276,47279,47280 and 47281. Mine is a 47282 so it is most likely very close. I will be quite happy to find a manual that is close at least. There still are parts available for this machine and I am quite happy to have mine. When I get the manual, I will scan it into a pdf to share it with others who I know are looking for manuals of this vintage.
Replyt to this url in about a week and I should have PDF copies available.

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There are two people who can provide owners manuals for the Troy-Bilt 47282. They are Doug Squires [] and FRED []
Doug says "My manuals cover models 47278, -80, -82, -83.
The Owner/Operator Manual is 50 pages. The Parts Catalog is 16 pages.
I'm willing by electronic media (PDF):

  1. To provide the part numbers from my catalog that best match your description of the part. I'm assuming you understand the parts may not be available.
  2. To provide a good b&w scanned copy of the Parts Catalog for $7.50.
  3. To provide a good b&w (the original front & rear covers are black, gray, red & white) scanned copy of the Owner/Operator Manual for $15.
  4. To provide a good b&w scanned copy of the chipper's engine -Tecumseh Owners Manual (6 pages) for $3.00.
  5. To provide a good b&w scanned copy of the parts sheets on the Vacuum Snout Attachment, Vacuum Inlet Cap Attachment & Safety Interlock Lanyard Replacement Kit. Another 5 pages for $3.00.
  6. Sell all the originals...maybe. However the binding staples would be removed & the pages will be slit into separate sheets (to get the scanned versions). They all are in very good condition.
    If you are interested let me know & we can work out the payment. I have a Paypal account. I'll also take a check & send the documents when it clears.

FRED says: "Please feel free to provide my contact information with anyone that you would like to share it with. I also have manuals for other models of Troy Bilt chipper vac 47291 47292 47286 47287 47282 47281 47280 47279 47278 and parts
Good luck to all who need this manual or one like it. These Gentlemen will be able to help you out.


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I just bought a like new model 47279 Troy Bilt chipper vac and would like to have an owners/users manual either be download or purchase a copy. Thanks

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I have the manual and parts list for the 28247 TB chipper vac pro.Contact me for prices. I need a contact for parts. Need a vacuum snout.

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i would like to obtain 1. operators manuel 2. parts manuel 3.briggs and stratten engine info. 4. snout info

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need manual for troy built chipper vac model # 47279

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I'm looking for 3 parts for a troybilt chipper/vac Model #47279. 1. chipper cutting blade kit #1901303 2.shredder s creen standard 1 1/8" #1908467010 3. Drive belt flat #1908537

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I would like to purchase a copy of this manual. Please let me know how much.

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I have one of these machines, and I'm looking to purchase the parts manaul. Thanks.

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You can find these manuals with this manual search engine:
Just send them a search request.

Here is a link that might be useful: manualfox

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I found the Model 47261 manual at This manual included the information that "The Model Numbers that appear on the front cover of the Owner/Operator Manual have changed as follows:
Model No. 47260 is now 47278 Model No. 47271 is now 47280
Model No. 47261 is now 47279 Model No. 47272 is now 47281".

Here is a link that might be useful: Chipper Manuals

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I have a 47261. I have the owners manual. I would like to get the parts list. Any ideas???

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Where do find parts for a 1992 Troy bilt Chipper/Vac model 47279

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