Stihl Cutquik 760

gsnod(5)June 13, 2012

My buddy has brought a concrete saw over for me to look at. The rope pull is not catching, so we get no tension at all to start it.. The rope pull does work, just is not catching for ay flywheel turnover. Anyone know how to replace this starter clutch system?

I see nothing broken and can't seem to find much information on this problem.


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If you have a good blue spark and that amount of compression, IMO, it should try to run if it's getting fuel.

1. I would suggest priming with some of the fresh premix.
2. If it fires or before, take a careful look in the carb (especially the fine filter and diaphragm's condition.
3. You might check the Carb adjustments and try and force some compressed carb cleaner into the ports (seat and adjust out 1-1.5 turn for starters and then tune).

Please give a reply on your experimenting and results. Hopefully someone will jump in with direct experience with the saw but basics should should help you.

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I Blew My Reply on saws, Tx Heat, LOL! I am not finding/seeing much. Do you have any close pictures of the mechanism and mating parts?

There are probably industrial power tool forums that will have more experience with this line of equipment since it is not related to gardening (as many of the other small engines). On some equipment I find the 800 # or direct e-mail to the company to be very helpful and faster than message-boards.

Good Luck As I Find Some Shade!

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"Anyone know how to replace this starter clutch system?...Sure, take it to an authorized Stihl repair center along with about 300 bucks and that should solve your problem.

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Thanks evdpgh....that's what I'm trying to not do!

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Please post up some close Pics of the starter's mating mechanism. I have repaired some monsters as a challenge vs a need. Lessons learned were some required more patience and time due to needed housing removal, special coil spring tools and complex designs. The fun is when there is no rush and it can be put aside until you walk you daily 2 miles or wakeup the next morning with new solutions. Bingo! It's done and you'll never see or repair another after learning the tricks.

With this little info, my goal is challenging uploading Pics vs links of old Craftsman/WeedEater/Poulan Blower that do not have exposed fuel lines. Plus, a bear of a starter to repair on the WeedEater due to enclosed housings. "Pics Means More Than A Thousand Words" when sharing a problem if pics can show the problem.

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This was a great experience as on my other two message-boards to be able to share Pics vs links related to matters. Is this a new option and when or did I miss the option? This will enhance the sharing matters.

Take Care!

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Maybe apples and oranges but, My old Farmboss has a nylon dog that engages the fly wheel. It is only a 10$ part.

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