Wish me luck please! Trying to get Dads old stuff running again!

wertach zone 7-B SCApril 26, 2012

Time for a yard sale or Craigs list!

Dads barn and buildings have a lot of good stuff, appearance wise. But they have been sitting for at least 6 years, he died last year at 87. A nice Cub mower, but the deck needs repair, 4 chain saws, 3 weed eaters, and 2 leaf blowers.

First task is to clean the carbs, all have old gas in them, and Dad was notorious for adding too much oil in the gas for the 2 strokes. He was also bad about adding to much oil in 4 strokes. I live next door and when I would start my old AC tractor it would smoke like crazy. I caught him one day, he couldn't see the fill line and was adding oil! LOL

Any suggestions on other stuff that I might need to do before trying to start them? I don't need to break my wrist again!

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chk for mice nests under engine cowling....

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If it's old gas, you might be in luck and have no varnish. Remove the old gas, add new, and try.

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Seek professional help closer to home! RJ

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wertach zone 7-B SC

Everything went well! I just filled them with fresh gas, and pulled the rope a few times! One weed eater and one chain saw required a little shot of starting fluid. They stumbled a little and came to life!

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