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rustyj14(W/PA)April 28, 2013

A friend called, said his neighbor had a lawn tractor that he'd give me, for hauling it away! Now, always in the need for parts, i went and got it.
seems he was mowing down alongside the crick behint his place, when a cloud-burst came, the crick rizz, and covered the machine completely!
when the water went down-the machine wouldn't start-understandably! So, he bought a new tractor, and donated the old one to a crafty old disabled veteran, who has been known to make gold out of dirt!I brought it home. No water in engine, oil looks good, not much rust, no battery, tires hold air, hmmm?!
It is in garage now, drying out. Monday, giffs inspection, and repair, if feasible. Might be able to dance Monday night! Will get new battery, and tlc. rj (Oh, it is a Troy-bilt.)

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Follow-up on free, swimming tractor:
I installed a new battery, new bolts, in terminals, depressed clutch pedal, turned key, it cranked about 10 turns, and started! HMMM! (To the purists, of course, i checked the pertinent things before attempting to start it-i'm not that dumb!) N'yaa N'yaaa,yaaa!
It needs a new deck belt, and some rust cleanup on deck.
Yesterday, a guy left his almost new Troybilt rotary lawn mower for a tune-up-said he couldn't start it. I tried today, for 2 hours, and got NOTHING, except when i shot some starting fluid into the carb throat. Upon further look-see, i found it had no primer bulb, nor a choke! The mower looks un-used, like brand new! And no, i wasn't trying to start it with an empty tank! I don't think it had any emission control junk on it! Maybe it was designed to not run-sort of a display piece, something they could park outside a store to show it off to prospective customers! It has a Lowe's sticker on it.
there is also a sticker on the air filter cover: "No primer/ No choke". they forgot 2 more words: "No Run."

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Rusty, That sounds like one of the Briggs 675 ex series with ready start. They are suppose to satrt easily according to thier advertisement. Probably like the Tecumseh/ Craftsman Eager 1 engines. When they worked they were fine, out of kilter and you had to do some work.
I have a briggs ready start that is a few years old. I just manually prime it and it runs fine. The choke mechanism looks simple enough, but I have not wasted a lot of time trying to fine tune. It is just a spring loaded flapper that opens air is force over the vane. a thermostat type device is supposed to hold it open when starting a hot engine. I would vote for an old fashion manual choke anytime.

Here is a link that might be useful: Briggs and Stratton Ready Start

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The crick rizz.... Rusty, I hope you don't mind, but that's going to be the hook for the next song i write....

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