kitter123June 19, 2009

My stihl chainsaw wont start today, nothing at all.I changed the plug but it seems to be a fuel problem. I noticed that the line from the filter in the tank looks like it has melted and collapsed together,could it be or is it supposed to be that soft, any advice

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You can buy 2' of fuel hose for 3$ at Lowes. Bring a piece of the original when you go shopping. It took me less than 1/2 hr to replace the fuel hose in my Husquavarna weed wacker.

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Corn gas IMO has deterioriated you fuel hoses. I would replace the hoses, filter, and clean the tank out, then use carb cleaner to prime the saw when trying to start it so the gas will be pulled up through the carb quicker.

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I just bought a used Homelite 4620c. Its starts fine, revs fine until I start to cut then it bogs.

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I would check the air filter, spark plug and muffler, high carb adjustment setting (richen it up some see if that helps (mark the orginal location so you can move it back it it don't help)), then for a vacuum leak (loose carb mount screws, head to crank/crank cover screws, Compression and/or wear between piston and bore???

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I have some issues with my saw, i pull the cord, but it barely moves, and the saw doesnt start...

here is the link:

Here is a link that might be useful: epic gardens

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EpicGardens, Pull the starter cover off and remove the spark plug and see if the flywheel turns freely.

1. If the problem is not starter related you might see some debris/restricting at this point.

2. If there is still resistance, pull the muffler to check the cyl to know it is not scored/scratched.

3. Post more spec info, history, magneto type, Pictures on questionable items.

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