Gravely ZT 1540 just stopped

ndmaster(6)April 28, 2009

And it now won't start. Have had it for 3 seasons (beginning its fourth).

When I try to restart it, it turns over, but won't fire. Never had problems with it before. Full of gas, no apparent loose wires, connections.

Please help!

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Try a new sparkplug first (weakest link in the system) ....could have water in the carb .....start there and we'll go from here ,Jim

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If everything checks out, that is it's getting spark and there is fuel in the tank, check one more thing, is the fuel actually getting to the carb. The reason I say this is on mine I'm having a problem drawing fuel out of the tank. The fuel pump is fine but there is an air leak at the fitting at the tank, black hose outside the tank is ok but inside the tank where the clear hose connects the hose has gotten soft and the clamp will not seal well enough to permit the fuel to be drawn out. Last season I epoxyed the joint and finished the season , but I am having the same problem this season. I am open for other ideas. I plan on calling the dealer Monday to see if they have a permanent fix for this. The newwer Models have relocated the tank to allow gravity feed.

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I got mine running today. i used a different style hose clamp and left the fitting outside the tank.

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