Walbro Service Manual Question

McPennyApril 9, 2012

I've been frustrated with engines that worked last fall and don't in the spring. I KNOW it's likely a carburetor issue, and I've watched dozens of videos on YouTube with folks no smarter than me rebuilding their carb and firing that bad boy up when done. I KNOW I can do this, but so far I can't.

Most of my equipment have Walbro carburetors. I've been to the Walbro web site and they mention a Service Manual C-1022. They sell two versions; one for $17 + change and another "HIT" version for like $27. I've seen what some are calling the "Walbro C-1022 Service Manual" advertised for as much as $135 and one guy offered a free download.

I want to learn about servicing carburetors, but I don't want to be taken to the cleaners in the process.

Do any of you know what in Sam Hill the C-1022 is for real, how much it's worth, and if it will help in learning how to rebuild carburetors - successfully?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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I'm sorry I didn't get any responses but I did contact Walbro and did get one kind of disturbing response.

They wrote back and said they didn't have any service manuals in stock, so he couldn't compare and tell me the difference between the $17.58 version and the $26 version. He also said that I was welcome to simply download the free service manual online however.

The impression I'm left with is that if I am dumb enough to actually order one, I guess they print one up and send it to me.

Geez, I hope I'm wrong.I hope that ethic standards haven't fallen through the floor like it appears.

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