Husqvarna leaves grass clippings

db4867April 26, 2013

Bought a YT42XLS tractor. I have cut the grass twice with it. The cut is great but the grass clippings leave a mess and my yard looks awful. My neighbors have Honda, Cub Cadet, John Deere
tractors with side discharge like mine and their yards look great.
My deck is the one with lifetime guarantee. My previous tractor was a JD with a mulching deck. Can anyone tell me why I am having problems with clippings and my neighbors don't.


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Could you be more descriptive about the problem? Or post a pic possibly? Things that could be helpful: This a problem with how the clippings are dispersed and you are side discharging- correct- no mulch plug? Which blades are on the deck- a mulch type, bagger or discharge blade? Part #s are helpful and many times under the hood on a tag Was the tractor put into service properly- deck leveled, RPMs checked etc. Is there anything you have tried yourself- IE cutting at lower speeds or higher levels ? Grass length affect the dispersal?

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I have the same problem... same mower. ... side discharge, no mulching blades. I've checked the deck level. I mow at 2.5 inches. worst looking lawn in neighborhood..pretty frustrated.. anyone have ideas??

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to both complainers: take 1/3 max of grass height off per cutting ( ie., take only top 2 inches of 6 inch tall grass). Keep your engine RPM at full throttle all the time. vary your ground speed via the tranny controls. Slow down your ground speed a bit - particularly if you hear the engine barking harder under heavy load and shooting out a lot of cut grass.
Consider using a short length of rope and an eyebolt attached to your deflector where you can lift it up slightly to let the clippings fan out and broadcast a bit wider... BUT don't operate machine w/o deflector - too dangerous.
court of last resort? trade for what the neighbors are using.
good luck.

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