How do I attach multiple Pic attachment here as I have seen

loger_gwJune 23, 2012

How do I attach multiple Pic attachment here as I have seen vs the either or as I was allowed in a post today? I glanced for instructions as hot keys to allow vs what browse allowed. I tried to merge the two Pics in Paint and realized I had been away too long for the quick post.

Last, are some of your post taking 2-3 minutes are have to be canceled? Usually I can cancel and get a better time response. Traffic at the site probably has a lot to do with time response but I'm not seeing a consistent pattern, which makes me question my computer and provider at times.

I probably need to get a job and get off this computer. LOL!

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You know this is a very good question my PC only lets me click the browse button once then it gets locked its really annoying having to make several posts to get out several pics.

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The beast answer found but I feel I have seen multiple Pics vs multiple links as I have used from Photobucket. Now the question is were those Pics merged into one and posted. They did not appear to be as I can merge in Word and my email. I'll find one of the post in question and ask the person that sent the post. For now I understand!!

Attaching a photograph:
This forum supports the ability to attach one single photograph per post. The photograph must be 60K or smaller (which can be rather small unless it is a close up).

You can also provide pictures by using a photohosting site like Photobucket, Flikr, Picasa, ImageShack, Webshots, Shutterfly, SmugMug, Snapfish, etc. These sites usually let you create a free account and upload full sized pictures.

Once your photo (or photos) is uploaded, you will be given a link to share your pictures with others. Copy that link and paste it in the body of your message. You can have multiple links if you have multiple pictures.

If you want to attach a picture here (60K or smaller), first compose your message and then select "preview message". On the next screen you will see a preview of your message and a box that says Image file to upload (optional): Choose the "browse" button to find the picture on your computer (or thumb drive). Select it and attach it. Preview your message once more and then select "submit".

If you need to attach another picture, you will need to create a new post. If you want to practice, find the "Test" forum in the list of all forums.

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Mmmm. I am not so sure about those limitations. I am going to see if they apply to this message.

This is a picture of a mutant zinnia that I raised this year. I used seed that I saved from a similar mutant that occurred in my garden last year. I used the HTML img and src and align parameters to specify the image and align it to the lefthand side of this text. Since I couldn't get HTML to provide a border on just the righthand side of the picture, I provided a few pixels of white border on the image itself.

The advice given above to always view your message in the Preview Message window is very good. When you are using HTML in a message, you can't make any mistakes in typing or you invalidate the effect. HTML has to be letter perfect.

You can find a lot of information about how to use HTML by searching the Internet with Google or some other search engine. Also, there are a lot of good books about HTML, that show examples of how to include pictures or drawings along with your text. Most bookstores have some books on HTML and online booksellers like Amazon have lots of books available. Now I am switching gears in order to keep my text from having such long lines. I think text is actually easier to read if it is more like a newspaper column. But this picture of a part of my zinnia garden last year is rather wide, so I don't apply the HTML blockquote effect to it.

The limited use of HTML that iVillage and GardenWeb provides can come in handy when you need to show pictures or format your text in various ways.


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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

Yes, the HTML type of photo post offers the greatest control.
The two photos below are the DW's garden, uploaded to, owned by Yahoo. It is free, up to a certain number of pics.
The HTML calls the images from flickr. The HTML is pretty easy to learn. Plenty of short tutorials on the web.

Here's what the HTML looks like :
(I put extra spaces after the , so you can see the HTML rather than the pic )

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

Looked again at some of the options.
Gardenweb accepts some stye sheet attributes, maybe not so much of the HTML attributes. Can add a CSS border, padding, etc

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WOW! Thanks. I have some experimenting and learning to do and I feel my use of Photobucket will get me there. I have been spoiled on other message-boards e-mails word-processors and etc that will let me insert attachments w/o knowing HTML language and as much processing. My #1 goal is to continue enjoying my mechanical projects (My Stress Buster) as they are backing-up on me. My work-bench and garage/shop is where I enjoy my time vs on the computer. Work converted me into more computer work vs original mechanical work before retirement (I enjoy both). I can send/share my limited attachments or multiple links for now while I digest the HTML info needed.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Just a couple notes about using the in-house facility for including pics in posts...

It used to only let people add one tiny picture and only in starting a new thread. That has been changed to allow one un-resized pic per post. So you can now use it for multiple pics, you just have to add them singly (individual posts) to the thread.

Once you click "browse" to find your pic, type comments, then click "preview," if you see your pic, it will show up after you click submit. BUT, the picture location is not still in the browse box now. If you edit your comments again at the bottom, you need to re-browse your pic, or copy what is there before clicking preview the first time to have it ready to paste instead of re-browsing, if you think you might edit after clicking preview.

Since they've given no indication of how long they will hold the pics available in the threads, most of the pics I post I upload to a 3rd party first and paste the HTML into the message box. (Which makes a nice "home" for having my plant pics in one place anyway.)

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Grantgarden2 Zone 5a/b

Aloe vera

Here is a link that might be useful: aloe vera

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Photo sharing host, âÂÂfree Photobucket.comâ and HTML codes, which are working for me to send multiple Pics.

Sending multiple pics in Tool Shed integrated into text or stacked at the end vs one easy browse attachment:

1. Load free, open Library of saved uploaded and enlarge Pic to get HTML code of files

2. Sel HTML code (not thumbnail), it will flash copy and is ready to paste into text you are creating to share

3. Preview and multiple copies should show with text to send

4. You should be able to go back after preview w/o dropping codes vs browser file will drop and need adding again.

If the notes are too condensed to help if interested, let me know where??

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