Thinking of using shredded pine cones in mulch

mustard_seeds(4 -Onalaska Wisconsin)April 4, 2009

We have these three tall (60 feet?) narrow pine trees in our lawn. This year they have dropped tons of 2-3 cm "baby"cones. I raked them into a pile and vacuumed them up with my toro leaf vacuum/blower. It was dusty but smelled like a pine forest! The little brown pieces are very pretty and seem to lay down nicely.

Rarely I get a baby conifer spouting the in garden beds that are around these trees. I figure if I use the shredded cones as mulch I will have some sprouts but they should be slow growing and easy to pull out of a bed and throw into the compost.

Anyone think I am asking for problems?


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No. If a problem at all, it'll be a very small one - spruce sprouts are easy to recognize and pull. I have lots of spruce of various types and get an occasional vigorous volunteer - which I usually pot up until it can be added to my conifer grove. Free trees for a big yard is a good thing.

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I have run both spruce and pine cones through my shredder and used them in the garden beds as mulch and put them into the compost bin and have not seen any new trees sprouting from those seed pods, and I seldom see any new trees sprouting even where the tons of these cones fall and do not get picked up. I do know that does happend because I have, on occassion, transplanted pine, and spruce, seedlings, but that mostly has been in areas with lots of needles covering the ground. It may be that these seed pods need that kind of environment for the seeds to germinate.

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mustard_seeds(4 -Onalaska Wisconsin)

Thank you both! I will go ahead and use this pretty mulch!

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