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brer(Zone 7)May 4, 2014

Maybe I should post this on the fruit trees place, but I'm hoping people here might know the answer.

I have a 5 year old peach tree that has never given any fruit. Last year, it had many little fruits. We took off quite a few. But then they all dropped. I don't know what caused that.

But this morning, I saw a Baltimore Oriole on the branches, just pecking away at the center of the blossoms, one after another--dozens of them. I read online that they love to suck juice out of fruits, so that set me into a panic. What should I do? Could this beautiful bird be part of the cause of my lack of peaches.

And, in the long run, I'm asking myself, which would I rather have, a Baltimore Oriole or peaches?


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That's almost silly...of course you want peaches...You can attract an oriole with a liquid feeder on another tree or post, or put out oranges or a lil cup of jelly on a post. Give him something better than those blossoms and he'll go to them! (and bring his friends for a party!).

At least after I panicked a bit, that's how I'd react......LOL

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

We took off quite a few. .... What should I do? Could this beautiful bird be part of the cause of my lack of peaches.

==>>> its seems your lack of peaches.. was you picking a lot of them off???? ... why???

do try the fruit forum .... there are a multitude of reasons for crop failure ... include a harsh winter ... a frost or freeze that kills the flowers before they get pollinated ... reduced bee population.. etc ...

and perhaps even birds... but i think that reason is really stretching it ... but then i have never grown peach.. wherever you are ... with BOs around ... i can only speculate ...


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If you keep your tree to a certain size, you might be able to put bird netting around it. Depending on how you set that up, you might be able to save some blooms and fruits.

I wonder if one of those fake owls nearby might scare the oriole(s) away?

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