My return!

rustyj14(W/PA)April 28, 2014

To all: Rusty Jones has been off line, due to a crash! I'm back. Still able to give free advice. Old computer left town suddenly, got new one.

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Rusty, you cantankerous old fa*t, it's good to see you're back.

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I thought you had crashed your motorcycle.

Walt Conner

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Yeah, I first thought you meant crashed a vehicle.
Did somebody steal your computer or did you shoot it?

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Mownie: Hello, old friend! No, it just gave up! Had too much junk in it, couldn't get itself up and moving! Fortunately, I'm not in that condition!
After the passing of wife, and all the legal stuff, and consoling of friends and relatives, I'm back to my Bluegrass, and the banjo. Was out til 1 a.m. this morning pickin' it. A demanding instrument, so it is.
Took up with an old friend, who can cook! YEAAY!
'Bout as old as me. Her hubby passed recently. I needed somebody to set and watch TV with. She can't fix mowers, but that's ok! Hope to hang in here for more time! Geezers shouldn't have to sit and twiddle their thumbs! Yee Haww!

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You should be pickin'..........and grinnin'.
If you had shot your computer, I would understand completely.
You do know why they call it Windows?

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