John Deere Myth

jrkahoonaApril 12, 2007

I have read many times on this board that the John Deere bought at Lowes and Home Depot is not a real John Deere. That it is made by MTD and on and on and on. Well, I was at my John Deere dealer yesterday clearing up some of the registration paperwork for the JD I bought at Home Depot and just asked them outright. The answer was an emphatic no. In fact they sell the same John Deeres that Home Depot and Lowe's does at the same price. They are ALL John Deeres. Now, of course the dealer has models that the big box stores do not have, but that is for a different clientele. For those who are looking to take care of a lawn at less than an acre, the big box store John Deeres are just fine. Just thought you would like to know.

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davidandkasie(Z8 MS)

we all know that, although the AYP/MTD crowd just loves to spread the rumor. of course some high end deere owners do too.

just like every other manufacturer in the country deere has done what it could to increase market share. in this case they HAD to come out with a low tier model to gain some of that market. too many people have said deere mowers were too expensive, so they came out with the low end class jsut for those consumers.

no, it is not as rugged as a "real" deere, but it is not designed to be either. it is marketed and sold as a low tier machine. nothing irks me more than someone buying the low tier of ANY product then complaining that it is not as good as, nor has the same capabilites as, the higher tier.

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davidld(central KY)

My L-110 is a "real" Deere, and its built rugged too. Got the Kohler Command engine just like the LT series had but a couple extra hp. I think it's an LT series tractor at 50% off.

Guys, there are various grades or series of Deere farm tractors too, and some are considered more high-end than others. But all carry the leaping Deere (or is it Deer?).

BUT, don't ask me if those Toro's at Home depot are "real" Toros. I might hedge.

Hey, the latest Yard Machine at Home Depot claims it has a hand-operated CVT. CVT stands for continuously variable transmission. We used to call those Vari-Drives.

I was in Home depot picking up a couple quarts of John Deere 10W30 Turf Guard oil, right on the shelf. Service category SL. Expensive stuff at $2.99 a quart, I can get synthetic at Wal Mart for $2.59 a qt.


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Just wondering if you buy a JD at Home Depot or Lowes, can you get it serviced at an actual Deere dealer, or are you 'stuck' with Lowes/Home Depot?

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jdfanatic(z5 CT)


The JD Dealer will be happy to do the service for you, but why not just buy from the dealer?



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Davidandkasie hit the nail on the head. The big question is what kind of jobs do you need it to do. I don't expect my 155c to haul hundreds of pounds of rocks. I just want to get a nice cut to my grass, spead some seed and aerate my yard. Nothing more, nothing less. If I wanted more than that, I would have had to step things up a bit. OF course I would be lying if I said the green and yellow isn't appealing. As has been said on here before, all will be assimilated

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Although I bought my L118 from a dealer, I like to look at the lawn equipment at Lowes also. I was looking at some of their JD mowers and was told that the dealer comes over and removes them from the crate, services them, and makes them ready for sale. The Lowes people do not get to even touch them before the Dealer tech says they are good to go. They also had the dealers sticker on the back of them.

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"BUT, don't ask me if those Toro's at Home depot are "real" Toros. I might hedge."

Those Toro's?? Want to see fake. Look at the Lawnboy's.

They are about as real as that Ford Ranger I looked at.

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wolfe1(Z-5 Chicagoland)

Anything that is a licensed John Deere product is a real Deere. Even the little electric toys kids run around on are real John Deeres- they are really inexpensive but I do not expect it to do everything my X-485 will do. Chevy builds the Corvette and the Cavalier. I do not expect the Caviler to preform like the Corvette - if I try to operate the Cavalier like a Corvette it will not last, however if I drive the Cavalier as it was intended to be driven it will provide many years of service - and some people still don't get it - I love beating this horse.

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I guess I didn't even realize the "myth" existed here. I think JD pays Toro to park their MTD built tractors next to their L's to make them look better (it works, by the way).

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Well the only diffrence I guess is most people see is the L and LA series are made in tennesse and the X300 thru X700 series are made in Wisconsin. The J-series aluminum deck push mower are built by John Derre the J-series steel deck push mowers are made by Snapper for John Deere. a Quote from the founder himself "I Will Never Put My Name On A product That Does Not Have In It The Best That Is In Me" The Sabre tractors were John Deeres as well they were made on the STX and GT275 frames the last model year of the Sabre was Made on the L-series Frames. John Deere is in the business to make money so why not get in on the Box stores profit as well. I personally prefer my X485 but I would consider a L series for mowing duties. They are made for suburban yards.

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JD Dealer will be happy to do the service for you. Odds are over time they will get much more business from me and if I ever need to upgrade to a more powerful tractor, it will probably come from the dealer. Why not buy it from the dealer? Good question. Bottom line is the deal was much better at Home Depot. In fact the dealer told me that Home Depot must have screwed up on the price of mine because he couldn't even get the 155c for what I paid for it. Don't know if it is really true or not, but I want to believe it. It is my story and I am sticking to it.

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metal wrote: "I think JD pays Toro to park their MTD built tractors next to their L's to make them look better (it works, by the way)."
Every time I go into the HD or Lowe's I see all the lawn tracts and ZTRs right there nearest the front door. I find it amusing that they are parked across from or adjacent to the light bulb section. The "light bulb" came on for me and I went to a dealer and purchased something less disposable.

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i bought my l100 from a dealer, but could have easily gone to home depot for the same price, and not as long as a drive to purchase it. but i went with the dealer because i was just generally more comfortable dealing with them, as opposed to the no-nothing staff at HD.

regardless of the fact that it is a low end deere, it performs well and mows my acre and a half no problem, plus hauls dirt, rocks, firewood and spreads seed and fert on my lawn.

i am an average joe homeowner. i would NOT be able to tell the difference between a "real" and "fake" JD, as most of the general population wouldn't either.

just my 2 cents

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davidld(central KY)

Neither Lowes nor Home Depot do service and repairs on any tractors they sell regardless of brand. They have no tractor repair shop as Sears does. In the case of Deere tractors sold there, they are aligned with a local Deere dealership that does service, warranty work and other repairs--usually the same one that did setup of the Deere tractor. For that matter they don't repair or do warranty work on large appliances they sell either as neither store has a repair shop for that either.

I'm a little less certain how Cub Cadet is handled but I suspect the new owner is told to contact a specific local authorized CC dealer and repair center. In the case of other MTD made and Husqvarna tractors they no doubt have a link to a local authorized independent repair place for these as well. Sears MIGHT actually be willing to do warranty work on a Husqvarna sold at Lowes since they repair them anyway as a dealer, and warranty work in a potential profit center for the repair shop. For them its just a matter of collecting payment for the warranty repair from Husqvarna rather than from you.

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Hippy...My Bright red 2003 Ford Ranger XLT with Fiberglass bed and hood, seeems to be a REAL Ford. It gots one a dem blue oval thingies in da center a de chrome grill.tbk

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HerringboneD28(z7 Central AR)

I just cannot believe it! Yak, yak, yak, yak, yak about JDs and MTDs and Toros and Sabres and Ford Rangers ......and yet NO ONE has jumped in to defend the Cavalier yet. What the heck is this forum coming to anyway?

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Since you brought up the Cub Cadet. The guy at Home Depot told me that the new Zero turn tractor is made only for Home Depot and you can't get it at a dealer. Just thought it was curious as we are on this topic

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castoff(Z5 Ontario)

The guy at Home Depot is like all other guys at Home Depot. He doen't know his a$$ from his elbow. A week ago, I was in my local Case/International dealer and he had one of the new I1000 Zero Turn Tractors on the floor alongside one of CC's true ZTR's. So much for that theory.

And if you go to the Cub Cadet website, there's no mention of that tractor being exclusive to HD>

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butchs_hobby(s texas)

Guess I'm really in trouble-- all my tractors are Massey Ferguson's but where really built by Snapper!

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Neither Lowes nor Home Depot do service> only a jerk would buy at Lowes or Home Depot and expect the dealer to service.They will, but it wont be the same!!!

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The Lowes in my area has a sighn near there John Deere display.It tells who the servicing dealer is and there are business cards there you can pickup.The servicing dealer at this Lowes is my local dealer.Not the same store but same dealer he has 5 John Deere dealerships in this area.I would buy from him myself.But I dought he cares if it was bought at Lowes.

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The John Deeres at one of my local Home Depot all have the local JD Dealership's keychain on the keys in the ignition.

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The real truth and not a myth is if you don't keep care of them the turn to junk like anything else. I wouldn't put most dealers on such a high pedestal. They like casino's and your money.

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I can't help but laugh when I see the Deeres near the light bulb section in both big box stores.

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davidld(central KY)

I got the owners' edition hat with my HD-purchased JD but NO keychain. Of course I did get a subscription to "the Furrow".

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The Toro riders are now made by MTD, but the zero-turn is still toro except they now build them cheap and crappy like those JOHN DEERE formerly known as "SABER". You can't get quality mowers in box stores and most shops don't offer you priority repair service if bought from a box stores.


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I'm a "no-nothing" home depot employee, but guess what? I "know" how to spell "know". Geesh.

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1st off, it's called shorthand. People(ppl) do it all the time on msg boards,blogs,emails,texts,etc....
2nd, he was referring to the outdoor power equipment HD associate. NOT ALL HD employees, K. So unless they have worked for a JD dealer, Cub Cadet dealer, MTD dealer etc,etc.... then no, they know NOTHING about them and just sell them and have a script memorized.

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I purchased my JD at Home Depot because I could use my VISA and get an additional year's warranty on top of the regular JD warranty. Same price at both the JD dealer and HD but the dealer didn't accept credit cards.

The manager at my local JD dealer (Ritchie Tractor) told me the JD mowers at Home Depot get a cursory 20 minute inspection out of the box while they (Ritchie Tractor) give their mowers a thorough inspection (perhaps an hour) out of the box. And, when I took my JD in for regular checkups at my local dealer, Ritchie Tractor told me I'd be at the back of the line since I did not buy my mower from them. Such is life (grin).

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Part of the myth is that the John Dealer is expensive. I am a comparison shopper and have bought the JD service kit from the dealer for many years. I can not buy the components in the kit at the big box stores for the price I can get them in the kit from the JD Dealer. This is true when I even substitute some of the generic items the Big Box carries. Additionally with the kit I always get good reliable answer to my questions about the tractor.

When I need a bolt or other part I can go in, tell them model number of the tractor and they will give me the exact piece I need. No speculations if it will fit. Again at what I consider a reasonable price.

At our local Lowes store in the Raleigh area, each tractor comes with a sticker on the body behind the seat that says to check with the JD Dealer for service. In addition the sticker gives all of the contact information for the local JD dealer. This has a side benefit, as you get to go to the JD Dealer and rub elbow with the guy who is there with a problem with his huge combine or hay baler and learn what the other half of John Deere is all about.

Final while occasionally you will get a summer temp who will feed you a line or know nothing about what they are selling, I have found the core Lowes employees are very knowledgeable about the items they are selling. As a DIY'er I could not do half of what I do without their input.

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